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Making wors using these letters

No Matter How Bad They Are: You CAN Make a Word Using These Letters

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It’s always the same old struggle, why does Murphy’s Law always hit me when having a Scrabble party with my family? They know me as the “word person” so expectations are high that I can make a word using even the strangest and rarest letters on my tray.

Luckily, those Scrabble parties at the home table are as rare as the Q in Scrabble and while playing Scrabble online there’s always the chance to get help from the Scrabble helper.

ZIGOSEA – I Cannot Make a Word Using These Letters!

Yes, you can! Really.

With our help you can find all possible words and their scoring. Let’s see what’s in there!

Unfortunately there’s no word that includes all seven letters, but the ones including five letters are quite interesting.

GAZES: The First Word You Can Make Using These Letters

GAZES is the third personal form singular of the verb “to gaze”, which means “to look steadily, intently, and with fixed attention”. GAZE has a positive connotation as it is often used as the expression of looking at something with fascination, wonder, or admiration. Examples for this are “gazing at the landscape from the mountain top” or “gazing into a lover’s eyes” (even if the lover might feel awkward in the situation, it’s still positively meant).

GAZES gives you 15 points (without using bonus squares)

SEIZA: The Second Word You Can Make

Makin a word using these letters to make seizaSEIZA is the Japanese term for the proper way of sitting according to Japanese customs. If you are not used to this style of sitting, it might become awkward after a while and it might hurt.
There are codified methods for how to come to a sitting position in SEIZA style and on how to stand up again. The methods depend on the occasion and on the type of clothing.
Sitting in SEIZA style you must first kneel on the floor, fold your legs underneath your thighs (like when you want to sit cross-legged) and then rest your body on your heels. The tops of the feet are lowered to the ground in a V shape and the ankles are turned outward.

With SEIZA you receive 14 points even without using any patterns.

ZOEAS: The Third Word to Make Using These Letters

Plural of the noun ZOEA which is supposed to be the larva of a crab. It was initially described by Louis Augustin Guillaume Bosc, a French botanist, invertebrate zoologist, and entomologist, back in 1802. ZOEA are characterized by thoracic appendages used for swimming.

ZOEAS is an impressive word, which gives you 14 points.

Making Up Words Is Possible with Every Letter

Why would a letter exist if it weren’t used in any word? That’s it, every letter exists for a word. That’s why you should not get desperate, even if you have the strangest letters on your tray. Even if you are not a dictionary yourself, you can always use the Scrabble helper online to find the most suitable word for you.

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