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Play Wordfeud online on your PC

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There is a Wordfeud Online version available! Wordfeud is one of the most international word games since it can be played in seven languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. Thus it casts a spell over 15 million people who enjoy playing against their friends or random opponents on their smartphones. Now it is possible to pursue your passion online on your PC with Wordfeud Online – at the moment Windows only (Windows XP, Vista and 7). Here is the instruction how to get started.

How to get Wordfeud Online?

1. Buy Wordfeud Online To get Wordfeud Online just visit the download website. Unfortunately Wordfeud Online is not completely free but costs little money. Just click on the “buy now” button and buy Wordfeud Online via PayPal in your own currency. It costs € 3,95 or $4,46. Even the payment method is internationally orientated and consumer-friendly since you can switch between several languages to be on the save side.

Update (March 2013): Be aware that “Wordfeud Online” might not be a product of the official Wordfeud developers. So far we did not get any response to this question. We will let you know if we have news. However, if you know anything regarding this question please write us an e-mail or use our feedback form.
2. Check your mail After payment you immediately receive the download link and a licence key via mail. So check your mail and follow the next step to get Wordfeud Online. 3. Download Wordfeud Download the installer with the link in the e-mail and install Wordfeud for PC within a short time. 4. Start playing Use the license key to install Wordfeud Online and start playing. It is possible to play against all your mobile friends and random opponents as well.

Is there a Wordfeud Online helper?

Wordfeud Cheat LogoThere are no differences between the Wordfeud mobile game and the Wordfeud online game. This makes it easy to use our Wordfeud helper for the online version as well. You can make words from letters by simply typing your letters into the first field and an optional pattern into the second. Since you can randomly generate your Wordfeud board, our pattern is the most flexible way to find words without being bound to a specific Wordfeud board type.You better tell your opponents if you are using the Wordfeud Helper, giving them the chance to use it themselves. Doing so you can both train your vocabulary and your ability to search for the best placements for words on the board.

Another way using the Wordfeud Helpter is to check the spelling or the meaning of a word. Wordfeud Helper and in general do not provide any advice or scripts to hack the game itself or cheat unfairly in Wordfeud. Enjoy playing Wordfeud on your phone and online!

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  • Wordfeud Cheat: Owned by 1337 UGC GmbH
  • wordfeud online: Screenshot (Håkon Bertheussen)

6 Responses

  1. Help me out. I am having a great deal of trouble getting WordFeud to work on my PC. It took several reinstalls just to get to the start screen only to find out nothing worked. Your really need to work on this. I have never had so many issues with any program.

    QUESTION: Where can I get adavanced assistance? None of the FAQs helped.
    Or you can just tell me you have my money, too bad!

    PROBLEM: I launch the program installed in Windows 7 Professional. Nothing works!

    • Hi Mike,
      sorry to hear you are having problems with Wordfeud on your PC. Please notice, we are not the producers of Wordfeud. We just present different word games and appreciate your comment so that others know there might be problems with one of them. Try to contact someone from Please report back if this helps to solve your issue.
      Good luck!

  2. Hello
    Wondering if anyone knows if there is an online version of the word game “UPWORDS” ?

    • Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for sharing. I have seen it before, but what I dislike about it is:
      1. login needed
      2. I don’t know who made the game – no imprint given

  3. MY OPPONENT PLAYED A WORD AND 10 Pts. Was stated at the top however, the score showed 20 pts. On the bottom of screen?????

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