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The Logo of Burble and Burble Select


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Burble is an innovative online and mobile word game developed by Charlie Dog Games. Burble reminds of the 2004 game of the year Zuma where different colored balls are rolling in a spiral heading towards a yellow skull sculpture. The balls have to be reorganized by color to prevent the tail from reaching the deadly skull. Burble exchanges the spiral by curved tubes and the balls by curved letters with the aim of rearranging the letters in a logic way. Thats how we like it: Make words out of letters.

How to play Burble?

Playing this word game is as simple as enjoyable. Swap letters by dragging them to another position to make words of at least four letters. Be aware that swapping letters always means reduced word scores. If you swapped the letters in a way that they create a word it is highlighted and you only need to accept by clicking at it. Collect as many words as possible to get your score bar to a hundred percent and finish the level. Tab the beginning of the tube if you need more letters. Don’t ask for too many letters since the game is lost if your letter bubbles accumulated up to the end of the tube. Creating as many words as possible will prevent the bubbles from reaching the end of the tube because they burst if you found a correct word. Complete levels to unlock new ones. After you have completed all levels the game will unlock the final bonus level.

Burble Bonus Letters

Bonus Word:
One difficult word that is displayed at the bottom of the screen in every level and earns you extra points.

Combo Bonus:
Collect two words in succession without doing a swap to earn this bonus.

Bonus Multiplier Letter:
Collect a word with seven or more letters and receive a multiplier letter that multiplies the score of the word you use it in.

Spawner Letter:
Collecting too many words of five or less letters leads to a letter that is spawning new ones and needs to be used in a new word immediately.

Playing Modes

Puzzle Mode:
The trail only fills when letters are swapped in this mode but the further apart they are the faster it fills.

Continuous Play:
The letter bar does not fill but the game gets gradually faster in this mode.

Expert Mode:
Only words of five or more letters count in this mode.

Learn how to play Burble from this video.

Burble can be purchased for free for Android smartphones in the Google Play Store. Alternatively it is possible to play it either on a PC or Mac online. Therefore you only need to install a web player that is provided on the website as well.

Do you enjoy playing Burble? We’d love to read your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. Nice one! I like the suggestion of words, so as a non native speaker I can learn a lot of new English words “by accident” 🙂

  2. This is a really fun game, the graphics are really nice as well.
    I have a lot of fun trying to create the biggest word I can. I also like the reward system for words that you have not previously spelt. I highly recommend this game to anyone!

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