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Seven Simple Ways to Solve an Anagram

She Invents Seven Hints

created on by Tobias Linke

Whether you’re playing Scrabble or Boggle, solving cryptic crosswords or attempting the numerous word puzzles that you might find in a daily newspaper, one thing is for certain: the ability to rearrange a set of letters into some kind of recognizable pattern is a key skill. » read more

calculator words and anagram solver on Youtube

created on by Philipp Schröder

Two new videos on our Youtube channel: How to use the Anagram Solver? and How to find Calculator Words? » read more

Find information by topics

Start of anagram topic page

created on by Thomas Maier

Within the last few years, we covered a lot of topics around word games. For some of them there are already quite a few articles and we decided to gather them on their own topic pages. Find a list of these pages below. Anagrams Scrabble Word Mole Wordfeud Words With Friends Each page contains short […] » read more

More features for the anagram solver

created on by Philipp Schröder

We have expanded the anagram solver and other word searches by some features. Now you can highlight bonus fields or align the words in the search results. » read more

Improved mobile versions for anagrams and scrabble helper

created on by Stefanie Holke

News for your mobile devices: by now you can use and its anagram solver on any mobile device without having to switch anything manually - on your mobile phone, your tablet and any other kind of browser. » read more

What is an anagram?

created on by Thomas Maier

What is an anagram? This article gives an overview about the different types of anagrams and their appearences in daily life. » read more