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Word with Friends Addon Vision

Vision in Words with Friends

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If you have already played one of the most popular online word games, Word with Friends, you know that from the very beginning you can play this game free of charge. In the meantime, however, developers of the game have included some premium options that you can use for an extra fee.

According to iTunes Preview, Vision is the most frequently bought option for the Words with Friends game. In this article we will answer the questions about when and how to use Vision in Words with Friends?

How do I purchase Vision in Words with Friends?

In order to use this option you need to open the Store segment of the game and choose the Vision (x10) option. Then you have to select a payment method and complete your purchase. Minimum sum that you need to invest for this option is 0.99$, and for that you get the opportunity to use Vision in Words with Friends exactly 10 times.

Why do I need Vision in Words with Friends?

I am sure that every one of us who has played this game has encountered situations where you simply cannot create any words with the tiles you have on your tile rack. Vision in Words with Friends can help you in these situations by suggesting three words you can play in a given situation. You should know, however, that those three words are not necessarily the best options and that there may be a word that can bring you more points than any of the three words suggested by the game. Nevertheless, you will use this option mostly in the cases where you simply do not have any words to play, or when you think that there may be a better solution but cannot find it.

How do I use Vision in Words with Friends?

When you reach the point at which you think that it would be a good strategy to use this option while playing Words with Friends, you need to click on the “more” button and choose the “Vision” option. If you have already purchased this option, it will be active and colored yellow. The number of Visions currently available for you to use will be written on the button. On the picture below you can see an active Vision button with 9 more uses left.

wwf Addon Vision "How to use"
Words with Friends Addon Vision “How to use the Button”

By clicking on this option you will get the dialog box with the question: Are you sure you want to use Vision? After your confirmation, the game will connect to the game server and select three words that you can use. It is up to you to find them on the board and select which one of them you will use.

Word with Friends Addon Vision
Word with Friends Addon Vision


Vision in Words with Friends is one of the built-in premium options that can be very helpful when you are stuck with the tiles you’ve got. This option is similar to our Words with Friends Help, with two exceptions: Words with Friends Help will suggest to you more words that you can use, will tell you if they exist, and you do not have to pay for it.

Do not forget to check some other premium options that are built into Words with Friends, and which you may find useful.

Have you already used the Vision option in Words with Friends? What is your opinion about using this option?

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11 Responses

  1. This was helpful. Really enjoy WWF. The
    use of modern words make it more fun.

    • Hi Mimi, I am glad that article helped you. Wish you a lot of fun playing WWF.

  2. I would like to pay the 0.99 to play word games with friends, but can’t find out how to do it can you help?

  3. I have bought Vision for a long time but it is now telling me “this user not eligible for this purchase” Uploaded the new version, but don’t like it as it gives my FB logo and can’t find where to eliminate that. New version doesn’t offer to buy Vision words … at least I can’t find it.

  4. I have Vision on my ipad but don’t see where to click it on desktop version…??

  5. I wish someone would add an app to WWF to show where the best play was after you’ve already played. I use word-o- meter and it’s frustrating at times to have it show I have a potentially very high scoring play but I can’t find it. I then make my lesser play but then to badly quote the Dirty Harry movie -” I gots to know ” where my play should have been. Any thoughts? I’d pay for that over Vision which I think is useless.

    • Hi Laurel,

      yes, I agree with you, it would be really great to have that option while playing WWF. You should definitely address this idea to the developers of the game (Zynga). Hopefully they will find it interesting too :)!

  6. I have used vision for words with friends for a long time and now it doesn’t show up on my kindle anymore, nor does the store show up in words with friends. can you help me game is working ok, but no in app available. I used amazon coins to purchase many times

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