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Crossword Clue Animal

The Top Five Searched Animal Crossword Clue

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Some crosswords are really tricky. We already showed you how to solve a cryptic crossword in general. But our readers have been looking for the answer to crossword clues using our Crossword Solver too. Sometimes it is interesting to see what exactly is in demand, and animals are searched for especially often. So let’s take a look at our top five animal crossword clue search results from recent months.


The first most searched for crossword clue is AUSTRALIAN PARAKEET. Hm…there might be some different kinds of parakeets flying around in Australia. These include sweet birds everyone loves. Like budgies or princess parrot, but AUSTRALIAN PARAKEET only refers to one of them. Of course your crossword is aiming for ROSELLA. This is one of six species of colorful Australian parrots. Rosellas are medium-sized parrots with long tails. All species have distinctive cheek patches. But the colorful feathers on their backs differ between species.

An Australian Parakeet is an Eastern Rosella.
An Australian Parakeet is an Eastern Rosella.
The first European settlers discovered the EASTER ROSELLA near ROSE HILL in South Wales, which is called Parramatta today. So they called the parakeet Rosehill, which became Rosehiller and then after a while ROSELLA.

A Disgusting Person Might Be Like That

Our second crossword clue involves an animal too. But it first asks you about a DISGUSTING PERSON! Be careful: A TOAD may be more than just an animal in your crossword. The crossword clue DISGUSTING PERSON can mean a TOAD too.

The Third Crossword Clue Is the Dabchick

A DABCHICK can be seen often in fresh water lakes or rivers. You surely know it very well. The crossword clue is “GREBE”, by the way. That`s a medium-sized bird. And there are 22 species. All have large feet with lobed toes. They are good at swimming and diving in water and there are two species of grebe that cannot fly at all.

This is a Dabchick.
This is a Dabchick.

You Won’t See the Animal in Our Fifth Crossword Clue Very Often

The LEGGY SWIMMERS the crossword asks for are not to be found in a garden pond or in a river. These animals live in the depths of the ocean. That`s why you don`t see them often. But with their legs they are good swimmers: These are OCTOPI. The OCTOPUS is a type of cuttlefish. Did you know that octopuses are considered the smartest mollusks? Their intelligence is comparable to that of rats. Octopuses are very shy but curious, and it turns out that they are also highly trainable. Crossword clue leggy swimmers

Crossword Clue: Question About Something That Tags Along with Sharks

These animals live with specific host species. They are commonly found attached to SHARKS, manta rays, whales, turtles and dugongs and they live in the ocean too. When the crossword asks after SHARKS TAG-ALONG, it is referring to REMORAS. Crossword clue sharks tag_alone


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