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champion in scrabble

How Do I Become a Scrabble Champion?

Become a Scrabble champion in no time with these beginner steps towards fame and fortune!

Let us Jumble Words! A Review of the Word Game

If ever there was a dated mobile game, it is Jumble Words. Find out why in our review of Deskup’s latest mobile game.

word nut review word game

Let’s Crack Nuts in Word Nut: A Review

Microtransactions getting you down lately? Word Nut is one of the few games out there that asks – instead of demanding – the player to watch ads for awesome rewards. Find out what else makes the game great in our Word Nut review.

No Fun on the Beach: Word Weekend Review

This Word Weekend review is brought to you by ads, the 30-second problem of the 21st century. We are not amused about copycats without any fun factor.