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In the year 2012 I've visited my first Scrabble tournament. Since that time I am really enthusiastic for the Scrabble scene with all these interesting personalities that you can meet there. So I am lucky to be able to meet and talk to wordgame-lovers from all over the world for Besides this I work for a radio station as a presenter and editor.

Articles by Juliane Fritz

words with only consonants in scrabble

Words with only Consonants in Scrabble

A rack full of consonants is pretty useless in a Scrabble game. But you will be surprised how many interesting words with only vowels are valid in Scrabble! In this article you will get to know words like CWM and PNW. Have fun!

How to find words in words with friends

How People Find Words in Words with Friends – Our Five Types

There are so many ways to find words in Words with Friends – and every one of us has his special way to succeed. We got to know five types of players. But maybe we forgot one? Just tell us.

Playing Scrabble Online With the Pixie Pit

Playing Scrabble Online with the Pixie Pit

Have you ever heard of the Pixie Pit? This is a website where you can play Scrabble online – without the Scrabble app. Whole tournaments are played this way. We will show you how it works.

The Scrabble World Championship 2016 will take place in Lille

The Scrabble World Meets in Lille – The MSI World Championships

Late this summer, the French city of Lille will be the center of the Scrabble world. The World Scrabble Championship and many other Scrabble events will take place there. We give you an overview of what is going to happen!

Find words in Word Chums

How People Find Words in Word Chums – The Five Types

How do you find words in Word Chums? Do you learn word lists? Or use hints? This article shows you different types of Word Chums players. Which one are you?

new vowel dumps in scrabble

An Introduction to the New Vowel Dumps in Scrabble

The advanced Scrabble player knows: It’s good to have a balance between vowels and consonants on your rack. To keep this balance, you might need so-called “vowel dumps”. Here we introduce to you the new vowel dumps in Scrabble.

Kenny Newell of Word Chums

Behind the Scenes of Word Chums – An Interview with Kenny Newell

We often receive questions from Word Chums players. Now we have had the opportunity to talk to one of the people working for this popular word game and ask one of the most frequently asked questions. Get to know Kenny Newell of Word Chums!

The Scrabble App

Playing Scrabble Online? Without This Scrabble App!

Playing Scrabble online can drive you mad these days/ After an update, the Scrabble app has many quirks. We have a brief overview here.

frustration over invalid words in words with friends

Frustration Over Invalid Words in Words with Friends

Sometimes word games are confusing. Why is SWEDEN among the invalid words in Words with Friends – whilst JAPAN is allowed? We discovered the most frequent valid and invalid word errors in Words with Friends.

Christmas With Word Chums Toys

Christmas with Word Chums – With Your DIY Chum

This is for Word Chums and DIY fans: How about sewing a little Word Chums toy as a Christmas present? We’ll tell you how to do it. Merry Christmas with Word Chums!