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InterviewInterviews with the worlds best players will help you get better at your favourite game. Whether Scrabble champions or heroes of other word games. We got them all :-)

Evan Berofsky Talks Scrabble Training Ups and Downs

scrabble training hints from berofsky

created on by Stefanie Holke

We met Evan Berofsky, international Scrabble player and the winner of this year’s MISO, to prize some training secrets out of the Scrabble pro and talk about his view on the North American Scrabble scene. » read more

Young Scrabble Champion Criticizes the Promotion of the Game in UK

scrabble player from uk

created on by gerryc

This time Gerry Carter met the 2014 World Youth Scrabble Champion: 16-year old Jack Durand from London UK, who criticized the lack of promotion of Scrabble among the youth. » read more

Watch out Nigel – Scrabble Player A-Cubed is Coming for You!

scrabble player pakistani wunderkind

created on by gerryc

Gerry Carter had the opportunity to speak with Ahmed Abdullah Abbasi, called A-Cubed or AAA. The 26-year-old man is one of the Scrabble wunderkinds coming from Pakistan. Just read more about his path to getting involved in tournaments and his thoughts about Scrabble worldwide. » read more

Playing Scrabble since He was Eight – Lewis Mackay from the UK

Gerry Carter Interview with Scrabble Player Lewis Mackay

created on by gerryc

By Gerry Carter Lewis Mackay from Cambridge UK is a terrific player with a great attitude. He was runner up to Wellington Jighere of Nigeria in the 2015 WESPAC event in Perth that was regarded by most in the Scrabble community as the World Championship for that year. ”Learn the Short Scrabble Words!” Gerry Carter […] » read more

The Joy of Quiz and Crosswords – An Interview with Alan Connor

interview about crosswords with alan connor

created on by Anja Goritzka

We spoke with Alan Connor, British columnist at The Guardian and question writer for a quiz show, about the modern phenomenon of crosswords and quizzing and his way to access a crossword. » read more

Always Having some Scrabble play on Board

Scrabble Play in Hawaii

created on by Kim Katzer

Saleem Ahmed is an agronomist and a passionate Scrabble player who doesn’t like to lose. Read the full interview to have a look behind the scenes in the life of a Scrabble player. » read more

How to Make Words from Letters – Ideas from Jeff Widderich

make words from letters is like eating apple pie

created on by Kim Katzer

After programming a website, Jeff Widderich and Andrew Stuart came up with an app to make words from letters. What do they think about letter games and how do they want to go on? Read the full interview and find out. » read more

“Crossword puzzles involve a significant amount of wordplay and creativity.”

constructing crosswords David Steinberg

created on by Anja Goritzka

He was twelve when he sent a crossword he had constructed on his own to the New York Times. Today David Steinberg is one of the best crossword constructers in the US at 19! We spoke with him about his work, crossword tournaments, and his Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project. » read more

Playing Scrabble helped to fill my mind! – An Interview with Gerry Carter

Gerry Carter playing scrabble

created on by Anja Goritzka

“Every game is different and a new challenge”, says Gerry Carter. Playing Scrabble all over the world fascinates him. Now he is writing a book about the international Scrabble playing community. » read more

Behind the Scenes of Word Chums – An Interview with Kenny Newell

Kenny Newell of Word Chums

created on by Juliane Fritz

We often receive questions from Word Chums players. Now we have had the opportunity to talk to one of the people working for this popular word game and ask one of the most frequently asked questions. Get to know Kenny Newell of Word Chums! » read more