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Press the right Words With Friends Buttons

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Since Words With Friends is an electronic word game you don’t need nimble fingers to place the letter tiles but nimble fingers to press the right button to succeed. Which buttons do I have to know when playing Words With Friends? What functions do they have? Here we try to give you an overview of all crucial Words With Friends buttons.

Swap button

What happens when you swap letters in Words With Friends? The swap button allows you to exchange tiles in your rack for new ones. You can exchange up to all seven letters if you are not satisfied with your letter range. However, swapping tiles also means losing a turn.

WORD-GRABBER TIP 1: Be aware that swapping tiles might worsen your situation, so make sure you considered all possible letter combinations.

Shuffle button

Another Words With Friends button that is often been used is the shuffle button.This one is to shuffle tiles on the tile line and get different letter placements. Thus you can get the idea how to create words out of this letters. Press the shuffle button how often you like.

WORD-GRABBER TIP 2: IPad users just need to shake their tablet to shuffle the given letters.

Pass button

When you can’t build a word out of the given letters this Words With Friends button might help. Skip your turn and let your opponent play again. If you or your opponent presses this button three times in a row that one loses.

WORD-GRABBER TIP 3: When you come to the point where you can’t find a word but you want to avoid pressing the pass button you can consult our Words With Friends Cheat. Simply insert the letters you want to generate words for Words With Friends and match the results to a specific situation on the Words With Friends board by using the pattern option.

Resign button

When you can’t handle the pressure or you see no way to win the game this button will bring relief. Concede defeat, your opponent wins the game. This can only be done while the game is in My Move list. That means, if your opponent does not make a move in a reasonable amount of time and you lose interest in playing with him you can’t resign if it is his turn at this moment.

WORD-GRABBER TIP 4: Don’t panic if it is your opponents turn and you want to resign because he is not reacting anymore. The game will be automatically resigned. For random games, it’s 5 days without a move. For all other games, it’s 11 days.

 Value button

Find out how strong your word is relative to everything you could have played.
Press this icon to toggle on or off. This Words With Friends button is not essential but sometimes quite useful.

Change Board button

Press this icon to change the board you are playing on. Only you can see your themed board, opponents will see the board that they have selected to be used. The Board Option you select will only apply to the active game you are currently playing. If you want to change the board theme for all of your active games, you will need to repeat this process for those games. Unlimited changes per game are possible.




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44 Responses

  1. I swapped letters. Placed my word on board. Now there is no play button for me to push! Wht do I need to do?

    • Hey Anne,
      are you playing Words with Friends on the internet or with a mobile device? If you have that much trouble with the app, I would recommend you to delete and reinstall the game.
      Good luck!

  2. The pass/shuffle/swap/more icons have gotten big and cover up the score info. How do I make them small again?

    • Hi Ed,
      I am sorry, but we have no clue what might have happened. On which device are you playing Words With Friends?

    • Hi joe,
      sorry for leaving out this important consequence. I already added it to the description.
      Thanks for this feedback!

  3. A webpage about words using “looses” for “loses” (In the section about the pass button)?

    I can’t trust anything you say after that.

    • Thank you anthony, for bringing this to my attention! If you find any other spelling mistake or facts that are not right, please don’t hesitate to comment again.


    • Hi desiree. I just checked the function on the Words with Friends iPhone app and it worked like a charm. When it was my turn, I pushed the SWAP button and was able to drag the letters I wanted to swap into a field right above the letters. I chose 3 letters, confirmed the choice and received 3 new letters. I hope this helps

    • Simply drag and drop the letters from your rack to the place on the board you want to put it.

  5. Thank you, but what is the “an3” key under the “more” button? When I touch it, nothing happens! Thanks again for any information.

  6. The button is small letter tiles of an “a” & “n” together with a small “3” above like the 3 is a point value. I am also curious about that button. Its green on my game, then when I press it, the button changes color but I’m unsure what it does in the game. Thank you.

    • Hi Amy, I am sorry, but I wasn’t able to see this button on any version I am using or find information regarding this from other sources.

  7. Anyone come up with a fix yet for BIG pass, shuffle, swap, more buttons covering score? I, too play on Lenovo ideapad. Very frustrating.

  8. Please someone has got to know the answer, I too am having the same problem with the buttons so big I can’t see the score. I have a galaxy tab.

  9. I do not like the automatic shuffle when I move the iPhone. I figure out a word, then set the phone down, then the word is shuffled and it is quite irritating.
    Can you tell me how to turn off the automatic shuffle feature?
    If I cannot turn the automatic shuffle off, then can you recommend to Zynga to put a button in settings to stop the automatic shuffle feature?
    I have sent this request to them multiple times. But I don’t know what their response is. Thanks

  10. When playing words with friends, there is a button under more, it is the tiles a & n next to each other with a value of 3, the button is green or yellow. What does that button do?

    • Hi Frank,
      that button turns on/off “Count” option. It is a free game option that allows you to see your current score for the word as you place the letters on the board. When you turn this option on, the button is colored green and when you turn it off, it is colored yellow.

  11. I would recommend clearing the Cache for the app or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Good luck!

  12. Why does the Word Coach miraculously acquire additional letters to play at the end of games? He/she uses letters, especially vowels, that aren’t available to me when it gets down to our final few turns. Nice for them!

    • Hi Judy, I don’t know what you mean with Word Coach regarding the article above. Thomas

    • Hey Toni,
      this is really simple. It just shows you live the scores you would earn if you play the word and word is actually accepted.
      Best Regards, Tobias

    • Someone waited too long with his turn. Depending on the game type (e.g. 5 days for a random game).

  13. When using dictionary attached to new word with friends to get meaning why is word accepted in game but no meaning available in dictionary. How does one learn.?

    • Hi Betty, blank tiles are empty tiles. When placing them on the board you can choose the letter they represent.

  14. Someone asked this question almost a year ago (March 22, 2014) and still it goes unanswered. How do we deactivate the ‘shake to shuffle’ option in WWF on iPhone? This is maddening!

    • I am sorry that no one answered the question. but word-grabber is a community site and we can’t force visitors to give an answer, even if they know it.
      In this case it simply might not be possible to switch off the “shake to shuffle” feature. I checked on my pro version and there isn’t such an option.

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