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Kim Anna Katzer, German native, a specialized translator for engineering for Spanish and English source texts. Translation is her profession but she is in love with words. Everything around writing, wording, word games and idioms is her hobby. She just recently entered the market as a professional translator and writer. More information about her is on

Articles by Kim Katzer

tongue twister poems

Poem Up Your Life with Tongue Twister Poems

After having provided you with a bunch of tongue twisters, now you can go to the next level with tongue twister poems. Use tongue twister poems for challenges between friends, greeting cards and so much more.

Tongue twisters for kids

Tongue Twisters for Kids makes learning easy

Saying tongue twisters for kids will give your children better access to their language and help them to pronounce words more clearly. Get them to learn with fun.

which words to take for words with friends scoring

Get Inside Words with Friends Scoring

Sometimes it is tricky. You have several word options on your board and they have different word lengths, but Words with Friends scoring is the same. So what can you do?

Scrabble Play in Hawaii

Always Having some Scrabble play on Board

Saleem Ahmed is an agronomist and a passionate Scrabble player who doesn’t like to lose. Read the full interview to have a look behind the scenes in the life of a Scrabble player.

make words from letters is like eating apple pie

How to Make Words from Letters – Ideas from Jeff Widderich

After programming a website, Jeff Widderich and Andrew Stuart came up with an app to make words from letters. What do they think about letter games and how do they want to go on? Read the full interview and find out.

Achievements in Words with Friends

Look at the Achievements in Words with Friends

Playing Words with Friends is not just about winning, it’s about gathering achievements in Words with Friends too. There are many achievements that can be gathered based on words, letters, and even games. Have a look at what you can achieve.

german tongue twisters

Advanced Speaking Lessons with German Tongue Twisters

You can improve your articulation of German words by training with German tongue twisters. Professional presenters use them to warm up before a speech and use tongue twisters in foreign languages to get used to the pronunciation.

Playing Words with Only Vowels in Words with Friends

You have only vowels on your Words with Friends rack. Don’t panic, we can help you to get on with the game and form valid words with only vowels in Words with Friends.

tongue twisters

Tongue Twisters Twist: Let’s Twist Again

If you’ve ever tried to say “Williy’s really weary” thrice really fast you know what I mean. I bet you quickly felt like your tongue was twisted. Tongue twisters are usually used by professional speakers to train their articulation and to warm up before a speech or a presentation. You can use them too, to untwist your tongue.

Making wors using these letters

No Matter How Bad They Are: You CAN Make a Word Using These Letters

Has Murphy’s Law hit you again with the meanest and rarest letters there are in Scrabble? Don’t blame yourself! Make the best of it and make incredible words using these letters.