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how many letters are in words with friends

How many letters are in Words with Friends?

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Facebook users and proud owners of smart-phones have come across Words with Friends at least once in their digital lives. This Scrabble-like game is one of the most famous word games on the internet played by millions of people around the world. Here are three questions that provide a short insight into the rules of this fantastic game: How many letters are in Words with Friends? And how many tiles are there? And how does the point system work?

How many letters are in Words with Friends – The Letter Distribution

All in all there are 104 letters available in Words with Friends. 102 tiles display the 26 letters of the English alphabet. There are also two tiles, called blanks, that can each replace one of the letters from the alphabet. But how many letters are available in Words with Friends in detail?

While playing words with friends, you can’t see, how many tiles of each letter are still available. With the following Words with Friends letter count you can memorize the quantity of each letter and compare it with its appearance on the board.

Words with Friends Letter Count


How Does the Words with Friends Point System Work?

Placing all seven tiles provided on the board will gain you points. First of all you have to make a word with letters. Since every letter has a certain value (e.g. Z earns you 10 points or A earns you 1 point) a shorter word may sometimes add up to a higher value than a longer word. The word LEARN has a total value of 7 points. If you make a word with the letters Z or J, for example JEEZ, you will receive more than twice the points you would for LEARN. This occurs because even though JEEZ is shorter, it is more valuable.

Words with Friends Point Counts


Knowing more about the game doesn’t end with the question of how many letters are in Words with Friends. There are also premium squares on the board you should consider while playing:

DL=Double Letter,
TL=Triple Letter,
DW=Double Word, and
TW=Triple Word.

This feature can boost your score and will bring you closer to winning Words with Friends.
Another opportunity to earn points in Words with Friends occurs whenever a player uses all 7 tiles on their rack in a single turn. In this case, 35 points will be rewarded.

If there is this frustrating moment in a game where you ask yourself How the hell do I make a word with these letters? – you will find a Words with Friends Cheat on our site. To find words for the popular word game Words with Friends you can simply type in the letters. You can optimize the results of Words with Friends Cheat using a pattern the results will fit into or choosing one of the options like the number of blank tiles. For detailed information you can also visit the Scrabble Helper instructions describing the same functionalities.

You can find some inspirational thoughts on how to make words with these letters in our articles.

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100 Responses

  1. Just played game and opponent played a word with “e” tile, but all 13 were already out?? That means there were 14. What’s with that???

    • Hi Jane,
      there is no bug we know about in Words With Friends that might cause this. Did you count the letter E afterwards on the Words With Friends board? Maybe you counted a blank tile that was placed as an E. They look like “normal tiles” on the board, just without points. Please report back if this didn’t solve your problem.

    • Hi Doreen,
      strange problem. Which version of Words With Friends do you play on which platform and where did you get it?

    • Hi there, what do you consider to be the best letters? We are currently preparing an overview about hacks for WwF, but I can’t tell you now if there is an app to choose your letters.

    • I also sometimes manage to play several 7 letter words in a row. It is good luck and may be a tool like our Scrabble Helper. Anyway, it is not fair to use such a tool without telling your opponent.

  2. There are two words that I could swear have been played on me but I’m unable to use them at this time. Have or do you change which words are playable?

    Those words were ‘lez’ and ‘iz’

    • Hi Kanaka,

      I did some research and found the site they claim the highscore on a WwF game to be 1,674 points. The maximum amount of points should be around that figure. If you ask me it is quite unrealistic. See it as a challenge and tell us your highscore next time 😉
      Have fun!

  3. I accepted a WWDC update and now I can’t chat with my partner because his messages don’t print out on the chat page. Neither do my messages to him but he seems to be getting them as he responds on the board. What can be wrong. We have been “chatting” fine for several weeks.

    • Hey Donna,
      please tell us your WWF version and the device resp. the operating system you are using, so we can try to find a solution for your messaging problem.

    • Hi $€@Π,
      quite astonishing! I checked all words and the letter distribution and it seems to be compliant to the WWF rules, but I can’t belief that someone did this in a real game. Nearly all 104 letters are used!

  4. “Words” is a cheap knockoff of Scrabble, a far superior game.

    In words, “Di” is considered a word, but in a dictionary, it’s called a prefix, not a word. “Di” is not accepted in Scabble. Plus, Scabble has the teacher function, and allows you to see point totals before play.

    Words should be sued for copyright infringement.

    • Hi Stan,
      “di” is also a word in Scrabble. You can find it in the official SOWPODS word list. It is not only a prefix, but also the plural of deus.
      With “Scrabble” you don’t seem to refer to the board game, but some other variation for digital devices. So I am not able to compare them. But there are probably better and worse word games than Words With Friends out there. Still, we consider it a great game.

  5. It happens frequently that when I play a word, it takes a very long time to go through. The wheel just keeps spinning. This is annoying. Can I do anything to change this?

    • Hi Allilini,
      on which device are you playing? Might be connected with a slow internet connection on smartphones or on a high server load.

    • Hi Allilini,
      it is probably what I expected. It sometimes takes a while to check the word. I am not totally sure why, because as I noticed, the word list is hosted locally on your device.

  6. For some reason I am only playing with 5 tiles with one friend but 7 with all the other friends. How do I remedy this? Thanks.

    • Hi Tina,
      we had a similar problem recently. Which version of WWF are you playing?

  7. I accidentally clicked a pop-up for a random game request and immediately hit resign…now the pop-up want go away and stays as a pull down , pops down over & over!! How do I get rid of this for good? Thank you

    • Hi Helen,
      that´s an annoying problem for sure. In cases like this, try to restart the whole game, software or the system. To help you properly, we would like to know which version of WWF you are playing.
      Cheers Sascha

  8. This information is not accurate. I’m playing a game right now with 6 s on the board already and you claim there are only 5 in the game.

    • Hi Ebon,
      thanks for your message. I am going to check the numbers again. It might also be, that you counted the blank tiles that are transformed into letters after being placed on the board. One of the blanks might represent an S.

  9. OK I have a question I played the word slim and it also spelled coins on a triple word score and only received 33 points; however, when I add them I get a total 16. Multiply that times three and its 48 it has also happened before it is not on any other points tile so where am I adding wrong. I play Scrabble quite often and therefore know how to count my score. Please clear up any confusion

    • Hi Irene, which letter tile did you place on the triple word score? In your case it seems that only SLIM was counted three times.

  10. I play Scrabble on a regular basis and know how to count my score so tell me why my double and triple word scores are anywhere from 10-15 points less than what I should be getting. For example I played the word slim on a triple word score also making the word coins. C=4 O=1 I=1 N=2 S=1 S=1 L=2 I=1 and M=4 for a total of 17 and multiplied by 3 for a grand total of 51 NOT 33

  11. The triple word score only counts for the word that is lying on it. If one of the letters L I M is placed on the triple word score, only SLIM is counted three times and you get 33 points in total. As far as I know, if the S is placed on the bonus, both words should count three times and you should get 51 points.

  12. I was playing with a friend who got the word jesters with the last s played on the end of shift making it shifts and she got 153 points for it. What is the highest one word score that you can get and what is the word?

  13. Hi Lisa. 153 points in Words with Friends is already impressive. We are planing an article on high score words and will cover this more deeply there. Theoretically, you can play words with up to 15 letters. The score is also depending on bonus fields, so possibilities to get a high score are limited by the available bonus. Playing a word over multiple bonus fields would boost the score as well as creating multiple words at ones. So even with a great tool like ours it needs a lot of fantasy to think about the best word to play.

  14. Just wanted to drop you a positive note onWfF. I’ve been playing for sometime now and have several friends I am geographically separated from; this game helps to keep us connected. We really love it!



  15. I tried playing ‘edamame’ and it wasn’t recognized as a word. What dictionary does WWF use?

  16. Thomas,
    I had an opponent play the word DOUGH off of the word SPUR creating the hook DR. I didn’t think that was acceptable, so I promptly went to a different game of mine and tried to play DR. Like I expected it didn’t allow it. Have you heard of glitches like this?

    • Hi Nate, thanks for your comment. This really seems to be a glitch, since DR is not in the WwF word list. I haven’t heard of this problem before and would appreciate a screenshot for later reference.

  17. I would like to know if a player wins WWF when he has used his last tile or when his opponent will not have enuff points to win?

    Also I purchased the WWF Cheat App for my Ipad game and never have been able to use on my IPad. I do not have an IPhone or IPod. Can you tell me why? Thank you.

    • Hi Barbara,
      Words With Friends doesn’t end a game when there is no chance for one opponent to win the game. He might still play nice words and have fun 😉 I personally don’t mind losing.
      I am not sure which version of Words With Friends you purchased. How much did you actually pay?

  18. I didnt purchase “the count” but i have it now. How did this happen? Did i accidently purchase it? Is it a one time fee? How much does it cost? How did it get billed? Can i get rid of it?

    • Hi lucas,
      you probably got one of those free trails of the Words with Friends count. As long as you haven’t entered your iTunes password you won’t get billed for it. From time to time they give away some pay-to-play-features for advertising purpose, so no worries!

  19. Words with friends are very wonderful word games this will give you the challenge for best in word and show who is on top. Challenge new gamer and beat them all.

  20. One day while I was playing I was stuck so jokingly I put in the word its not a very nice word but join it in just for fun the word was shit and it worked but I put in the word bitch it would not take now I can see the not taking shit but bitch is a word it means a female dog why is that

    • Hey Pat, that’s kind of the PC-policy by Zynga. Maybe in Europe this wouldn’t be a problem. best regards, Tobias

  21. I purchased the app that showed what letters were left. It kept me from manually counting the letters. The app worked great But it disappeared. what happened to it that I no longer have it?

    • Hej Allilini,
      maybe you used the Tile Pile more then ten times? That’s the regular amount of Tile Pile actions by one purchase.
      Best Regards, Tobias

  22. I am playing a game and my opponent played bits beside sage the I in bits and s in sage form is I get that but the t(bits) and the a(sage) I don’t how is that possible?

    • Sorry for my late reply. I am helping out other word enthusiasts in my spare time here and since today is Saturday, I am even less responsive than normal.

  23. This evening, WWF won’t load on my Facebook. I just get a little square symbol and a message “Connection Reset”

    Any ideas please?

    • Hi Geoff, you might try reloading the page in your browser using F5 or your browser specific option. If that doesn’t work, maybe the WwF app has some connection issue. No one but they can do anything about that.

  24. Thanks Thomas. When you say “they” do you mean Zynga?
    I have rebooted my computer and signed into FB as my wife, but still no luck

  25. tell me how my opponent manages to materializes a vowel out of thin air to win, with only two consonants left on the board…?

    • Hi Gena, two consonants left on the board? You mean on his rack? Could you describe the board a bit more?

  26. I’m playin’ with an opponent and there are 5 “S” letters on the board, and I just picked up a sixth letter. There are supposed to be a max of five, according to this site. (Yes, I counted three times.)

  27. Hi Thomas, Love the game, but I’m stuck as I have bought a new computer running windows 8 and now I can’t pick up any tiles … Very frustrated .. I know this might not be the right place to get the issue fixed, but I’m searching the web for HELP. Cheers Kim.

    • Hi Kimberley, my first suggestion would be to try a different browser, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, etc.

  28. You need remember there are two wild tiles (blanks) that can be played as any letter. So if the count looks off that is why.

  29. Need help with a rule: There are 7 alphabets each to start and 90 remaining. Cool. (That’s 45 each) But If I tend to use more alphabets than my opponent during the course of the game. The game ends when I use 45? or when the total 90 comes to zero? If its not 45 each (then its not fair, I’m using more alphabets)!

    • There is a total of 104 letters and you always fill up your rack to 7 letters from it. So you are right and there is often a player that uses more than half of the total letters. This is part of the game and I don’t see anything unfair in it.

  30. Game froze up.won’t let me play.uninstalled app. now can’t even find the app. Piece of crap

  31. Scenario: The tile bag displays 25 letters, including two Ss and two blanks. Three Ss (of the five) have been played. I want an S to play a 55 point word, and hope to draw one before my opponent does. It’s his turn and I figure he CAN’T play an S cause he can’t have one, can he? Turns out he plays an S, not a blank, (elsewhere, fortunately). Where did his S come from? Does the tile bag show only letters left to draw, or does it show all unplayed letters, including letters on the racks?
    Right now, “Letters left” displays two, but there are 8 in the bag. I have 7 on my rack, including a blank. So what does “Letters left” mean?

    • Hi Earl,
      actually he could draw an s since the relation is: letters left + letters in your opponent’s rack = letters in Tile Bag.
      Letters left are letters left to draw. In Tile Bag are all unplayed letters except the letters in your rack.

  32. Please describe tile bag. Are the letters shown in the bag remaining letters in the bag, or unplayed letters, including my opponent’s unplayed tiles?

    • Hi Carina,
      letters in Tile Bag are the letters left to draw and the letters in your opponent’s rack.

    • What do you mean by distribution list? On this site you can find the letter distribution, or are you looking for something more dynamic?

  33. I just lost a game that didn’t time out and had only 60 tiles played. It says for my opponent last word zig “a-z words played”.

    What does that mean? She was beating me by 70 points but why is it over?

    • Hi Kelly,
      I haven’t heard about that before and it has never happened to me. WWF rulebook does not mention this possibility to end a game. It could be a bug but I am not sure.
      You should address this questions to WWF user support. They should know 🙂

  34. this is all so interesting, but I have seen over and over WWF allowing words that it had no definition for and allowing obtruse foreign words and coinage and then not allow words like Jew or Jewish. I have seen hundreds of times when there is no dictionary definition and yet it allowed the word.

    • Hi Bobbi,

      maybee the words came from the player and zynga thought they might be good for wwf. we can only guess. we are not zynga. 😉

      greetings Anja

  35. Initially I was leading in the game. Towards the end I noticed my letters seems to be ‘stealing ‘ away to my opponent till the end I left with zero letter and have to pass my turns to my opponent several times till she won and I lost! Why that so?

  36. My friends have the tile bag but I don’t. We’re using the same phone model, os version. What could be wrong?

  37. You say that there are 104 tiles in word with friends, but my games always end in the 52 tiles. Why is that? Is only half of what you say.

    • Hi Laura,

      you play Words with Friends against someone, the computer or a real person. This one has the other 52 tiles.

      Greetings Anja

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