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Although I have studied statistics and informatics, I have always liked languages and playing language-based games. It is impressive how many interesting things about one language you can learn by playing these games. IMHO even more important effect of these games is that you develop a feel for the language and its constructs, which you simply can not get by the formal language education. After an introduction to the word-grabber community I started to write articles about one of the most popular scrabble clones available on-line: Words with Friends. While doing a research needed for the articles and playing the game I became a real Words with Friends aficionado. Although I tried many others with similar theme this game has just the right balance of educational and entertainment content for me. The community built around it is also really huge and diverse, so you can always meet new and interesting people while playing with them. Here you can find all the articles I wrote until now. Have fun!

Articles by Selena Smiljanic

Two-Letter Words in Words with Friends

In order to become a better Words with Friends player, the first thing to do is to memorize two-letter words that are acceptable in this game. Here you can find all these words listed in one place and you will see the definition of some of the lesser-known words.

Play Scrabble online – TOP 5 Links

Playing Scrabble online can be both great fun and great challenge. This article presents TOP 5 links where you can play Scrabble online, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is upon you to choose an option which will best suit you.

How many letters are in Scrabble?

Read about how many letters are there in Scrabble and Super Scrabble and what influences letter distributions in word games.

How many of each letter is in Words with Friends

Read about how many of each letter is in Words with Friends, about point values of the letters and the relationship between the two.

Words with Friends Instructions

If you want to know how to play Words with Friends, you are in the right place to do that. Take a look and if there are some additional questions after reading, feel free to ask. We hope you have a lot of fun while playing Words with Friends!

Screenshot Words with Friends

Words with Friends Help – Resources

Where do you find help and support for Words with Friends? This article gives you an overview of places where you find answers to your questions.

Word with Friends Addon Vision

Vision in Words with Friends

Vision in Words with Friends is one of the premium options available in later versions of the game. It is also the most purchased premium option for Words with Friends according to some resources. In this article you can learn more about this option and why is it so popular.

Words with Friends Screenshot

How Many S in Words with Friends?

There can be more than 5 S in Words with Friends. Read about How many S are there in Words with Friends and why it sometimes isn’t enough.