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Word Mole Cheat

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Recently, we started thinking about how to feed you with information centered on the topic of word games. We decided not only to keep you up to date by regularly updating our news-section, but also to create new categories: word games and word trivia. Interesting word facts or unknown English word trivia can be found in word triviaIn word games we are going to introduce online word-games, mobile word games and board word games. Additionally, we created a Letter Sorting cheat that can be used as a Word Mole helper.

Word Mole rules

The first game we would like to introduce is Word Mole – a Blackberry word game. This word game focuses on a little mole and his garden that is divided into 36 sections. Each section contains a letter. All letters can be used to form words and earn points. You have to try to form a word using letters directly above, below or next to each other. Therefore, you will receive new letters which can be used to form new words. There is also the possibility to use words that are not directly above, below or next to each other. This leads to holes in your garden, though. To get rid of those nasty holes just try to use a letter that is beside the holes when forming another word. However, the player can choose between a single-player game and a multiplayer game. If you want to find out more about Word Mole rules or need a help playing Word Mole read our article on Word Mole.

Word Mole cheat

As an additional feature we decided to develop a special cheat for all users. Since we promised to work hard in 2012 helping you to create words from letters wherever our help is needed. Our new Word Mole Cheat works the same way our general Scrabble helper works. Just punch in up to 15 letters you see in the garden of your Word Mole game and check the words on the results list. Pick this word from the list that causes no or only few holes in your garden. Thus you make sure enough letters will be reappear to create new words. To close holes that emerged in your garden concentrate on using the letters that are next to the holes. Only take these letters and type them in. Thus the Word Mole cheat will help you closing the holes.

The Word Mole cheat is not only to help you if you are lost, but also to verify words you just created or to check their spelling. Creating words from letters sometimes needs a bit of food for thought. So try not always to use the Word Mole cheat. We hope to improve your Word Mole experiences by providing a Word Mole cheat for difficult situations in a game.

Try our Letter Sorting word search as a Word Mole cheat.

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