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Scrabble helper now with pattern field

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A few days ago, our new Scrabble helper went online. Despite some problems with our server, we are very happy about the new features we are now able to offer you.

The use of letters and patterns

The most striking new feature in our Scrabble helper search is the separation of the favored pattern from the given letters in two different search fields. Now it is more convenient to include patterns in your search request than in the previous version. However, it was possible to do this before, but not always that easy to use and understand. Additionally it is more reasonable to have the pattern separated as on a regular play-board, since every blank tile has to be considered in the search.

Scrabble premium squares

We are extremely proud to offer you the possibility of counting the points for double or triple letters and even for word bonuses. Thus your Scrabble helper results will be listed in a different order depending on how you sort your results. Decide whether you want to receive a result list sorted by points or by word length.

Word lists

With our newly programmed Scrabble helper you can search for words consisting up to 15 letters. All this available for the word lists: The most commonly used in the English speaking countries are the Tournament-Word-List (TWL), the official list for the USA; Canada and Thailand and the SOWPODS referenced in the other English speaking countries. The use of free letters is currently restricted to 9 letters.

Improving Scrabble helper

The new word search will enable us to include searches for different word games quicker and easier. In past polls we found out that our Scrabble helper is not only used for words in Scrabble games, but also for the famous Words With Friends and other word games for smartphones, online games or just for the daily newspaper puzzles. All those changes enable us to build upcoming extensions to ensure you to generate words from letters for your favored word game.

Your Feedback is needed

Since we did a lot of changes on the Scrabble solver, not everything might be working completely how it should. Give us a hand and report everything that needs to be optimized. As usual we are delighted by every mail or feedback you send us.

Words of thanks

The new Scrabble helper was developed by a friend who is quite skilled when it comes to algorithms and word processing. Thanks a lot Maik for your help, support and patience with the set-up.

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