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Your feedback in January

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The combination of being more and more popular and the quick feedback form in the sidebar results in a lot of user feedback. I want to start a new post series where I answer the most popular questions that I think more users might be interested in. The other reason I start with this is a huge amount of feedback I get where someone asked a question, but didn’t leave an email where I can reply to. I don’t want to force you to enter your email address, but this doesn’t make it easy to follow up on you. So, this is it.

Definitions for words

Kimberley wrote me asking for more definitions for words. I promised her we will look into it and expand our word profiles with more useful information, so you know what you spell 😉

Hijacked clicks

A user complained that a click on the word search button forwarded him to an external page. I wasn’t able to contact him due to a missing email, but take this very seriously. This might have been caused by an ad, but unless I know on which specific page and on which device and browser, I have troubles figuring it out. So, if you contact me with some technical problems, please leave an email address.

Missing words

We sometimes get complaints about missing words. In this specific case regarding the words in Wordfeud. This is something we are working on, but more and more games are developing their word lists individually from the official SOWPODS or TWL word lists.


A very interesting message indeed was the one I got written completely in upper case. The user asked how to switch dictionaries, because he didn’t get any results. The problem here seems to be another one. He might have used our older word grabber. This one is case sensitive. Letters in upper case must appear in the search results. So if you enter LKLJSEUOHH there is no result at all, because there is no word built with all these letters. “lkljseuohh” gives plenty of results, because not all letters must be used.

why is … (not) accepted

The question whether or why or why not a word is accepted in our word tools is the most constant one. In January one of them was, why Degas, the name of an artist, is accepted. Most of the word games don’t accept names, not only peoples names, but also cities’, places and so on. In this case the answer is rather simple. You can degas a tank = remove the tank from gas. I just found it on Wiktionary.

Some words we have to include in the near future are toonie and heapy.

To the anonymous user asking for what a fop is: A vain man; a dandy (source Wiktionary)

And finally someone asked to add frack, since fracking is getting a big issue nowadays.

These are not all the issues from messages I got in January 2013. I didn’t list some minor individual problems or issues we still have to verify.

You see, there is a lot of communication going on. It makes me happy seeing a great activity on I think only people who care about word games and our site take the time to write feedback, so I am glad for every message I get. Anyway, please don’t forget to enter your email address in case I might have a question or you are asking for an answer.


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