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Everything changes; everything stays the same

All things change. Hairstyles change, seasons change, heads of state change – and so do we. A new version of is now available and welcomes all loyal users and curious word-grabber newbies.

We are proud that we enjoy great popularity and the number of visitors is constantly growing. This encourages us to improve the service to create words from letters online.

Most notably is the new look of Word Grabber. The design has been harmonized with our German parent site and the help of WordPress. The currently most popular content management system (CMS) on the internet enables us to add more features to this site:

  1. From now on, we are going to keep you up-to-date by publishing articles in the news-section. We are going to inform you about changes on the website, interesting facts about Scrabble, Words With Friends and others, as well as strategies to use word-grabber to train your skills in these games. Stay up-to-date and subscribe our news by email here.

  2. We also added a possibility to send us feedback. However, if there are technical problems bothering you, spelling mistakes that drive you up the wall, the word-grabber results drive you craze or you just want to say thank you, do not hesitate and give us feedback.

    We are always happy to come in contact with you and learn from your likes and dislikes regarding our scrabble word finder.

    Just click on feedback and use the form provided for your.

However, this is just the beginning. New features will be added very soon to enable an easy and handy search for words out of letters.

If you are more of a conservative type, you don’t need to feel run down. All former and upcoming changes won’t affect the familiar way of searching a word.

These are the latest news so far. Enjoy playing Scrabble and start using our new feedback feature by telling us what you think of the new!


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