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Future Features – What are we up to?

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We promised to keep you up-to-date about current and upcoming changes on Now it is time to disclose the secret and introduce what we are up to within the next two weeks. There are 3 significant updates we are going to introduce to our website:

Grab a word on the go.

Smartphones are state of the art these days. So we are going to publish a mobile version of This will help you to generate words from letters on the go. No more unnecessary ways to your desktop computer or bulky laptops on the table while playing Scrabble, Words With Friends or other word games. Just put your mobile next to you and enjoy our newly arranged mobile version.

Get social.

A game is characterized by entertainment and moreover by social gathering. Thus, we think it is important to offer you the possibility of sharing your results and keep people informed about your Scrabble hobby. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter will help you to spread your game enthusiasm and inspire your friends and acquaintances. In the near future you will find us on Facebook and will be able to twitter your search results automatically. Start getting social by recommending us on Facebook!

Be a web-democrat.

To stay in contact and involve you in the process of improving this site we are planning to launch surveys. You can decide about upcoming changes, state your opinion or help us to find your next beloved feature. Is easy to use? Which features do you want to have added? How is our site speed? These questions already helped us to improve our German parent site. Every vote counts – so be engaged and take part when we launch the first poll.

We hope you are pleased about our plans.

Don’t hesitate to state your opinion and have fun playing Scrabble and other word-games!


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