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pirates plunder the ships

Plunder Like a Pirate with Words

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Crossword puzzles help develop your word power incredibly. This is especially true for words that have multiple layers. This means that the more you look into a word, the more meaning you can draw from it. Take, for example, the word PLUNDER.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word means “to take goods by force”, or “to take by force or wrongfully”. When you find it in a crossword, it will have a host of other clues to help you figure out some words.

With the help of the Crossword Solver, you can figure out everything you need to know about the word PLUNDER.

This is a word where there is so much to learn, as it has deep historical roots that date back centuries. It also has some brilliant modern twists to it.

Worthy Wins and Sticky Fingers to Plunder

Plunder is often associated with pirates and what they do when they are on the high seas. They take over the vessels of other sailors and quickly steal everything of value from them. This is then stored in their ships, bringing images of large treasure chests filled to the brim with coins to mind.

plunder treasure chest
A large treasure chest filled to the brim with coins.

In crossword clues, you may see plunder being linked to the person who plunders, the way that they plunder, and even what they plunder. To make sure that you ace all your answers and do not need to plunder the imagination of others, you can make use of the Crossword Clue Solver. There are so many clues it can help you figure out. Here are a few clues that you can get help to solve.

Modern Pirate’s Plunder

Pirates are known to have existed for centuries and most people know that they used to plunder gold, precious stones and, in some cases, women as well. The modern pirate can be found on digital platforms and the clue solver may turn up the five-letter word PAYTV.

Old pirate plunder ships

The Plundering Herd

This is a clue hinting at the collective name for people who plunder and immediately you may think that the clue is referring to the word pirates. Take a quick look at the crossword solver, however, and you will find that it actually refers to the seven-letter word LOOTERS.

Caribbean Area Where Pirates Plundered

This clue will take you through the history you know about pirates, as you try and figure out where pirates plundered. The solver comes in handy when you have clues like this, because the answer has 11 letters. Typically, the longer the word, the harder it is to solve. For this plunder clue, the answer is revealed to be SPANISHMAIN

Fun Clues in Crossword Puzzles

You will find that there are more than 50 possible clues featuring the word plunder. This word will teach you a lot about history, but you can also take a look at the modern uses for the word.
The crossword solver uses two key methods to help you narrow down the meanings of the words. The first one is by selecting your possible answer based on the number of letters. For this, you can search by selecting the number of letters in the word.

The other option is to directly choose a hint. Here is an idea of some of the hints that you can find:

pirate flag

Cracking the Clues in Moments

There are some clues within crossword puzzles that could cause confusion if you are solving these puzzles. Take for example the clue “plunder and pillage”, and the similar “pillage and plunder”. The clue “plunder and pillage” has two. There is the four-letter SACK and the six-letter MARAUD. The word maraud means to go about in search of things to steal or people to attack. With pillage and plunder, you will find two potential answers, one having four letters and the other having six. These are SACK and RAPINE. Rapine is an interesting word that means the violent seizure of someone’s property. So even though there are two similar clues, the possible answers could vary.

Other clues that you may need to suss out are plundering person or plundering raider. With the first clue, the solver will reveal the eight-letter word PILLAGER, while the second clue will lead you to another eight-letter word, MARAUDER. There is also the clue for the word plunderer, where there are six possible answers that are completely different from the plundering person or plundering raider. These words include BANDIT, LOOTER, PREYER, REAVER, RAPPAREE AND SPOLIATOR. A rapparee, for example, is a bandit or irregular soldier in Ireland in the 17th century while a spoliator is a person who spoils or damages the value of something.

The best thing about using the crossword solver for the word PLUNDER, is there is so much that you can learn. By the time you are familiar with all the possible answers, you may find that you can even talk like a pirate, whether historical or modern.

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