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Souvenir with four holesTEE 3
Sports item with a concave headTEE 3
Stand with a concave headTEE 3
Start a golf hole, with "off"TEE 3
Start a hole, with "off"TEE 3
Starting place, sometimesTEE 3
Starting point for a holeTEE 3
Starting point for swingersTEE 3
Summer shirt, informallyTEE 3
Summertime bedtime outfitTEE 3
Supporter stuck in the groundTEE 3
The end of the road, sometimesTEE 3
Thing frequently hit by driversTEE 3
Three-way hardware linkageTEE 3
Three-way pipe connectionTEE 3
Three-way pipe connectorTEE 3
Three-way plumbing jointTEE 3
Time's lead on the links?TEE 3
Tiny stake in the grass?TEE 3
Type of box on a golf courseTEE 3
What many a driver shatters with 3 letters
What many a driver shattersTEE 3
What your driver may hitTEE 3
Where a drive might startTEE 3
Where a driver is often neededTEE 3
Where to start playing a roundTEE 3
Word before shot or shirtTEE 3
Word with "shirt" or "ball"TEE 3
World's smallest elevator?TEE 3
Young batter's ball supporterTEE 3
A caddie might hold itTEE 3
Ace's starting pointTEE 3
Ace's starting spotTEE 3
A driver may hit itTEE 3
A driver might hit itTEE 3
Aid for a driverTEE 3
Airport terminal?TEE 3
Anger, with "off"TEE 3
Athletic supporter?TEE 3
Ball-bearing articleTEE 3
Ball-bearing buyTEE 3
Ball-bearing deviceTEE 3
Ball-bearing gadgetTEE 3
Ball-bearing gizmoTEE 3
Ball-bearing item?TEE 3
Ball-bearing pieceTEE 3
Ball-bearing propTEE 3
Basketball timeout signTEE 3
Batting practice aidTEE 3
Beachgoer's shirtTEE 3
Beginning of time?TEE 3

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