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Answer TEE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Starting point for a long drive?TEE 3
Tiger's start, in two different waysTEE 3
Bit of golf course litterTEE 3
Buttonless shirt, informallyTEE 3
Conical support in drivingTEE 3
Couples's cheapest purchaseTEE 3
Elevator in a country clubTEE 3
Elevator on a golf course?TEE 3
Foursome's gathering placeTEE 3
Get ready to start, with "up"TEE 3
Golfer's cheapest purchaseTEE 3
Item in a golfer's pocketTEE 3
Item often left on a courseTEE 3
Item used in a balancing act?TEE 3
Item with a concave headTEE 3
It exists to have a ballTEE 3
It gets the ball off the groundTEE 3
It gets things off the groundTEE 3
It gives support in sportTEE 3
It holds a golfer's ballsTEE 3
It holds one of your balls with 3 letters
It holds one of your ballsTEE 3
It'll prop your balls upTEE 3
It may be hit by a driverTEE 3
It may have a ring collarTEE 3
It provides a lift for golfersTEE 3
It's all about the ball bearingTEE 3
It's at one end of a fairwayTEE 3
It's one until you cross it?TEE 3
It's supportive to golfersTEE 3
Kind of box on a golf courseTEE 3
Launching pad on the linksTEE 3
Mark aimed at in curlingTEE 3
Peg under a dimpled ballTEE 3
Place to practice drivingTEE 3
Platform for some driversTEE 3
Pop-up item at a driving rangeTEE 3
Presidential nominee handoutTEE 3
Promotional tie-in item, maybeTEE 3
Raised golf course featureTEE 3
Resting place on a fieldTEE 3
Rounds begin on the first oneTEE 3
Shape of a timeout signalTEE 3
Shape of some office desksTEE 3
Shirt to wear with shortsTEE 3
Shirt with artwork, perhapsTEE 3
Site of the first stroke?TEE 3
Some long drives begin hereTEE 3
Something golfers often breakTEE 3
Something to drive off ofTEE 3
Souvenir shop item, for shortTEE 3

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