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_____ time (golfer's starting point)TEE 3
___ time (when a round of golf starts)TEE 3
___ party (golfers' bash)TEE 3
___ time (golf course slot)TEE 3
___ off (start golfing)TEE 3
___ time (course slot)TEE 3
"___ off!"TEE 3
____ shirtTEE 3
___ shotTEE 3
"____ time!"TEE 3
27-Down followerTEE 3
15-Across shapeTEE 3
____ TTEE 3
"Must turn" intersectionTEE 3
"Time out" hand signal shapeTEE 3
*What "fore" may precedeTEE 3
"Time out!" hand signalTEE 3
"Time out!" signalTEE 3
"Fore" site?TEE 3
"Elevator" for NormanTEE 3
Bag peg with 3 letters
Bag pegTEE 3
Letter?TEE 3
NogTEE 3
PegTEE 3
PGA pegTEE 3
Letter that, as it appears in the middle of this grid, can precede the first words of the starred entriesTEE 3
Second of a pair of letters swapped six times in this puzzle's theme entriesTEE 3
Letter that appears at least once in every single answer in this puzzleTEE 3
There's usually one on the 30-yard line at the start of an NFL gameTEE 3
Item seen on the 30-yard line when the game startsTEE 3
Shirt prohibited at most golf courses, ironicallyTEE 3
Concave-topped bit of wood used in a sportTEE 3
Cross it (and dot your i's while you're at it)TEE 3
Game gadget, or the area where it's usedTEE 3
It helps people from driving into the groundTEE 3
It must be crossed to become more than oneTEE 3
Tiger starts with it on or off the golf courseTEE 3
A mulligan is sometimes given hereTEE 3
Baseball supporter for youngstersTEE 3
Gadget appropriate for this puzzleTEE 3
Improper attire at most golf clubsTEE 3
Ironic saying displayer, sometimesTEE 3
Item pushed down on a golf courseTEE 3
It might break when a driver hits itTEE 3
It's frequently broken on the linksTEE 3
It's no problem if your driver hits itTEE 3
It's only one until you cross it?TEE 3
It's used in kicking off some eventsTEE 3
Object at the beginning of a holeTEE 3
One may have a ball at the country clubTEE 3

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