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Answer PAUL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

BunyanPAUL 4
ReverePAUL 4
"Bear" Bryant's first namePAUL 4
"The Bourne Supremacy" director GreengrassPAUL 4
"I Am a Rock" singer SimonPAUL 4
Beatle who was born with the first name JamesPAUL 4
He was converted on the road to DamascusPAUL 4
One who studied "at the feet of Gamaliel"PAUL 4
First name in film and salsaPAUL 4
Figure skating medalist RobertPAUL 4
Beatle or apostlePAUL 4
Biblical epistle writerPAUL 4
Dave's bandleaderPAUL 4
John's collaboratorPAUL 4
Name of six popesPAUL 4
Pierce on a courtPAUL 4
Preachers' patronPAUL 4
Preachers' patron saintPAUL 4
Proverbial payeePAUL 4
Revere in historyPAUL 4
Apostle who wrote "Ye see how large a letter I have written" with 4 letters
Apostle who wrote "Ye see how large a letter I have written"PAUL 4
Colonial patriot ReverePAUL 4
Revolution rider ReverePAUL 4
Author of several New Testament epistlesPAUL 4
Big band leader WhitemanPAUL 4
Ontario's ______BernardoPAUL 4
Legendary logger __ BunyanPAUL 4
Robert's costar in "The Sting"PAUL 4
Singer-composer AnkaPAUL 4
Beatle namePAUL 4
Czar of 1800PAUL 4
Dave's sidekickPAUL 4
Epistle apostlePAUL 4
Epistle pennerPAUL 4
Epistles writerPAUL 4
Epistle writerPAUL 4
Papal namePAUL 4
Simon of songPAUL 4
Cajun chef PrudhommePAUL 4
Cezanne or GauguinPAUL 4
Cézanne or GauguinPAUL 4
Gauguin or CézannePAUL 4
He was the WalrusPAUL 4
One of the ApostlesPAUL 4
One of the BeatlesPAUL 4
Robeson or DunbarPAUL 4
Superhuman BunyanPAUL 4
Partner of Peter and MaryPAUL 4
Politician Ron or RandPAUL 4
Anka or LyndePAUL 4

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