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Diamond legend MelOTT 3
Giants slugger MelOTT 3
Hall of FamerOTT 3
Legendary GiantOTT 3
Louisiana-born GiantOTT 3
Mel of the old GiantsOTT 3
Mel the GiantOTT 3
Memorable GiantOTT 3
Slugging GiantOTT 3
Mel with 1,860 RBIOTT 3
He's ahead of Sheffield on the all-time home run listOTT 3
Legendary Mel, baseball's "Little Giant"OTT 3
Legendary Giants outfielder, MelOTT 3
Legendary Giant slugger MelOTT 3
Legendary Giants slugger MelOTT 3
Legendary Giant sluggerOTT 3
Target of Durocher's "Nice guys finish last" sentimentOTT 3
Legendary Mel of the GiantsOTT 3
Legendary Giant, MelOTT 3
Cooperstown's MelOTT 3
Diamond great Mel with 3 letters
Diamond great MelOTT 3
Giant born in LouisianaOTT 3
Giants' giant MelOTT 3
Giants legend MelOTT 3
Giant slugger MelOTT 3
Homer-hitting MelOTT 3
Legend of the GiantsOTT 3
Right fielder MelOTT 3
Mays beat his National League home run record in 1966OTT 3
Right fielder Mel from Gretna, LouisianaOTT 3
Mel, baseball All-Star 1934-45OTT 3
Mel known as "The Little Giant"OTT 3
Player behind Bonds, Henderson, Ruth, Williams, Morgan, Yastrzemski, and Mantle on the all-time leader list for walksOTT 3
Giant legend "Master Melvin"OTT 3
Four-time N.L. home-run champOTT 3
National Leaguer who was ranked first, second, or third in walks every year from 1929 to 1944OTT 3
Coogan's Bluff heroOTT 3
Giant at CooperstownOTT 3
Giant in CooperstownOTT 3
Mel, the Giant sluggerOTT 3
Baseball Hall of FamerOTT 3
One-time Giant slugger MelOTT 3
Six-time National League home run leaderOTT 3
Baseball Hall-of-Famer who batted left and threw rightOTT 3
Baseball Hall-of-Fame nameOTT 3
Baseball Hall of Famer MelOTT 3
Diamond star MelOTT 3
Giant legend MelOTT 3
Giants great MelOTT 3
Homer hitter MelOTT 3

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