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Mel in three World SeriesOTT 3
Slugging Giant MelOTT 3
Baseball All-Star, 1934-44OTT 3
Steve of the Dallas StarsOTT 3
Baseballer MelOTT 3
Baseball's MelOTT 3
Giant great MelOTT 3
Giants star MelOTT 3
Giant star MelOTT 3
Slugger MelOTT 3
Six-time N.L. home run champOTT 3
Six-time N.L. home run leaderOTT 3
All-time NL home run leader before MaysOTT 3
He replaced Foxx as baseball's youngest player when he debuted at age 17 in 1926OTT 3
Slugger Mel enshrined in the Crossword Hall of Fame (Wait, there is no such place?Well there should be!)OTT 3
Hall of Fame nameOTT 3
Name at CooperstownOTT 3
Name in CooperstownOTT 3
Slugger Mel of the old GiantsOTT 3
Teammate of Hubbell and TerryOTT 3
Onetime National League career home run king with 3 letters
Onetime National League career home run kingOTT 3
Giants' Hall of Famer MelOTT 3
Giant among GiantsOTT 3
Teammate of HubbellOTT 3
Baseball's "Little Giant"OTT 3
Baseball's "Master Melvin"OTT 3
Baseball's "Little Giant" MelOTT 3
Teammate of Bill TerryOTT 3
Hall of Famer MelOTT 3
Hall-of-Fame Giant sluggerOTT 3
Hall-of-Fame GiantOTT 3
Hall-of-Fame Giant MelOTT 3
Baseball's "The Little Giant"OTT 3
Baseball's "The Little Giant," MelOTT 3
Cooperstown Hall of Famer MelOTT 3
Capital of Can.OTT 3
Mel in the HallOTT 3
Teammate of Jo-Jo MooreOTT 3
Former Giants giantOTT 3
Former Giant sluggerOTT 3
Former Giants managerOTT 3
Mel in CooperstownOTT 3
Mel of CooperstownOTT 3
Mel or Ed of baseballOTT 3
Former Giants great MelOTT 3
Little Giant of the GiantsOTT 3
Famous GiantOTT 3
Master MelOTT 3
Mel or EdOTT 3
See 16-AcrossOTT 3

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