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12-time baseball all-starOTT 3
'30s home run kingOTT 3
30's home run kingOTT 3
12-time baseball All-Star, 1934-45OTT 3
11-time 1930's-40's All-StarOTT 3
1936-38 N.L. home run champOTT 3
1940's Giants managerOTT 3
1940s Giants manager MelOTT 3
1926 "Boy Wonder" of baseballOTT 3
1951 Cooperstown inducteeOTT 3
'30s Giant sluggerOTT 3
"Giant" starOTT 3
"Master Melvin"OTT 3
"Master Melvin" of baseballOTT 3
"Little Giant" Mel of baseball historyOTT 3
1951 Baseball Hall of Fame inducteeOTT 3
"The Little Giant"OTT 3
"The Little Giant" MelOTT 3
MelOTT 3
"McGraw's boy"OTT 3
1934 N.L. RBI leader with 3 letters
1934 N.L. RBI leaderOTT 3
1934 N.L. RBI leader MelOTT 3
Fred ___, whose sneeze was the subject of the first copyrighted movie in the U.S.OTT 3
Fred who had a famous sneeze in early motion picture historyOTT 3
Fred in the oldest surviving motion pictureOTT 3
He led his team in homers for 18 straight yearsOTT 3
John who pioneered time-lapse photographyOTT 3
When he retired in 1947, he was second to Ruth in career walksOTT 3
Baseball great who had a career batting 1-Down of .304OTT 3
Subject of the 1999 biography subtitled "The Little Giant of Baseball"OTT 3
Name posted on the left-field upper deck of AT&T ParkOTT 3
Diamond figure on a 2006 postage stampOTT 3
Giant star of the 1930s and '40sOTT 3
Hitter of 511 lifetime home runsOTT 3
Mel of baseball and crossword fameOTT 3
Mel who batted left and threw rightOTT 3
Mel who could really belt one outOTT 3
Mel who slugged 511 career homersOTT 3
Pittsburgh catcher and wrestling expertOTT 3
Player with 511 career home runsOTT 3
Legendary baseball player for the GiantsOTT 3
Slugger in a stamp series, along with Mantle, Greenberg, and CampanellaOTT 3
Cooperstown inductee of '51OTT 3
Giants' manager: 1942-48OTT 3
Giants manager of the 1940sOTT 3
Giants star from '26-'47OTT 3
Giant star in three decadesOTT 3
Giant star of the 1930's-40'sOTT 3
Giant who swung for the fencesOTT 3
He hit 511 career homersOTT 3

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