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Ratite on a ranchEMU 3
Relative of an ostrichEMU 3
Relative of a rheaEMU 3
Relative of the rheaEMU 3
Rhea's look-alikeEMU 3
Runner down under?EMU 3
Second-largest birdEMU 3
Six-foot runner?EMU 3
Six-foot-tall trotterEMU 3
Somewhat exotic meatEMU 3
Source of exotic meatEMU 3
Source of lean meatEMU 3
Source of lean red meatEMU 3
Source of low-fat meatEMU 3
Strong-legged birdEMU 3
Swift bird on footEMU 3
Swift-running birdEMU 3
Swift six-footerEMU 3
Tall, flightless birdEMU 3
Three-toed ratiteEMU 3
Tridactyl runner with 3 letters
Tridactyl runnerEMU 3
Two-legged meat sourceEMU 3
Ubiquitous puzzle birdEMU 3
Unusual meat sourceEMU 3
Bird also known as Dromaius novaehollandiaeEMU 3
One appears on the Australian Coat of ArmsEMU 3
Bird mentioned in "If I Had $1000000"EMU 3
It's classified by the U.S.D.A. as red meat under cooking guidelines and as poultry under inspection standardsEMU 3
Six-foot six-toed AussieEMU 3
It appears on the Australian Coat of ArmsEMU 3
Five-to-six-foot AussieEMU 3
Unlikely mascot for 8-Across?EMU 3
Bird whose name is a Midwest school's initialsEMU 3
It's grounded in AustraliaEMU 3
National bird of AustraliaEMU 3
Speedy animal of AustraliaEMU 3
It's out in the OutbackEMU 3
Flightless bird from Down UnderEMU 3
Creature on the Australian coat of armsEMU 3
Shield supporter on Australia's coat of armsEMU 3
Six-footer from AustraliaEMU 3
Flightless bird Down UnderEMU 3
It came up from Down UnderEMU 3
Aussie avianEMU 3
Aussie avisEMU 3
Aussie big birdEMU 3
Aussie birdEMU 3
Aussie ostrich?EMU 3
Aussie ratiteEMU 3
Aussie runnerEMU 3

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