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35 miles-per-hour runnerEMU 3
_______farmEMU 3
2 Ostrich's kinEMU 3
RatiteEMU 3
"Down under" fowlEMU 3
"Move Like an ___" (song by the Australian kids' group the Wiggles)EMU 3
Bird sharing a national coat of arms with a kangarooEMU 3
Big bird whose chicks are nurtured by the maleEMU 3
Source of green eggs and ham alternativeEMU 3
Australian bird with rudimentary wingsEMU 3
Australian cousin of the ostrichEMU 3
Australian journal for ornithologistsEMU 3
Australia's unofficial national birdEMU 3
Bird slightly smaller than an ostrichEMU 3
Bird that takes off, but only on footEMU 3
Hatchling from a five-inch green eggEMU 3
It flaps its wings but can't flyEMU 3
Its egg takes eight weeks to hatchEMU 3
Prey of wild dogs and crocodilesEMU 3
Second-biggest bird after the ostrichEMU 3
This may never get off the ground with 3 letters
This may never get off the groundEMU 3
Turkey alternative, in some cuisineEMU 3
Creature that never leaves the land of Oz?EMU 3
Aussie bird that can't flyEMU 3
Aussie coat of arms beastEMU 3
Aussie coat of arms birdEMU 3
Aussie coat-of-arms symbolEMU 3
Aussie ostrich, so to speakEMU 3
Australian coat of arms birdEMU 3
Australian coat-of-arms featureEMU 3
Australian coin depictionEMU 3
Australian flightless birdEMU 3
Australian with three toesEMU 3
Australia's national birdEMU 3
Avian source of red meatEMU 3
Avian that's swift afootEMU 3
Big bird that can't take wingEMU 3
Bird in the bush, reallyEMU 3
Bird more than five feet tallEMU 3
Bird raised for its red meatEMU 3
Bird related to the cassowaryEMU 3
Bird similar to an ostrichEMU 3
Bird that can run 30 mphEMU 3
Bird that lays 1.5-pound eggsEMU 3
Bird that lays dark green eggsEMU 3
Bird that lays green eggsEMU 3
Bird that's fleet of footEMU 3
Bird that's good at swimmingEMU 3
Bird that's never on the wingEMU 3
Bird that's swift on footEMU 3

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