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Bird used in leathermakingEMU 3
Bird with a powerful kickEMU 3
Bird with meat high in proteinEMU 3
Bird with shaggy plumageEMU 3
Bird with two sets of eyelidsEMU 3
Easily domesticated birdEMU 3
Fast, tall flightless birdEMU 3
Flightless "down under" birdEMU 3
Flightless fowl of the outbackEMU 3
Good source of lean meatEMU 3
Hatcher from a hefty eggEMU 3
Hatchling from a dark green eggEMU 3
Hatchling from a green eggEMU 3
It has a green egg, but no hamEMU 3
It has wings but cannot flyEMU 3
It'll never get off the groundEMU 3
It runs fast but can't flyEMU 3
It takes off but can't flyEMU 3
Layer of dark green eggsEMU 3
Meat that tastes like chickenEMU 3
Ostrich's kin down under with 3 letters
Ostrich's kin down underEMU 3
Outback steakhouse meat?EMU 3
Poultry that tastes like beefEMU 3
Producer of extra-large eggsEMU 3
Ratite bird of crosswordsEMU 3
Relative of the cassowaryEMU 3
Rhea relative in the outbackEMU 3
Second-largest bird aliveEMU 3
Second-largest existing birdEMU 3
Second-largest living birdEMU 3
Source of extra-large eggsEMU 3
Source of extra lean meatEMU 3
Source of skin-softening oilEMU 3
The second-largest living birdEMU 3
Flightless bird common in AustraliaEMU 3
A bird in the bushEMU 3
Aboriginal food sourceEMU 3
Another big ratite birdEMU 3
A runner, not a flierEMU 3
Aussie avian creatureEMU 3
Aussie coin critterEMU 3
Aussie farm birdEMU 3
Aussie non-flierEMU 3
Aussie non-flyerEMU 3
Aussie six-footerEMU 3
Aussie with a good kickEMU 3
Aussie with six toesEMU 3
Australian avianEMU 3
Australian avian animalEMU 3
Australian big birdEMU 3

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