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Crossword answers to percussion instrument

Sussing out Percussion Instrument Crossword Clues

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Crossword puzzles are created to challenge the mind. If you spend a lot of time playing these puzzles, you understand the challenge and powers of deduction you need in order to solve them. The more crosswords you do, the easier it is to understand that sometimes you can get stuck. This can be incredibly aggravating, especially if you keep coming back to a word you cannot figure out. There are times that you’ll need to get some help to complete the puzzle.

This is when you need to make the most of our Crossword Solver. One tough category that often leaves crossword solvers stumped is “percussion instrument”. Not to worry! When using our Crossword Solver, there is sure to be an answer for percussion instrument that has got you covered.

There is Much More to Percussion Instruments

When I first thought of percussion instruments, all that came to mind was DRUMS and perhaps the different types of brands that exist. There are, however, a vast number of percussion instrument subcategories.

drum in action
Picture 1: Someone playing the drum.

Percussion instruments include wooden instruments, metallic ones, and some with strings too. This becomes quite clear from the hints that can be found within crossword puzzles. Using the hints and a crossword solver makes the vast world of percussion instruments easier to navigate.

With the Crossword Solver on word grabber, you can type in clues and the answer is narrowed down for you. First though, you need to be able to solve the clues within the crossword puzzles.

Here are some examples you can look out for.

  • Asian percussion instrument – You could get two answers: The four-letter word GONG or the six-letter long word TAM-TAM. These instruments are made as metal disks that have a turned rim. When struck, they make a resonant sound. The gong is a little smaller than the tam-tam, although they are very similar in design.
Instrument Gong
Picture 2: A traditional Asien Gong.
  • Primitive percussion instrument – This is another crossword clue with two potential percussion instruments that can fit within the crossword puzzle. These are the three-letter long word TUB, and the five-letter word GOURD. The tub is similar to a drum, which has to be struck to make a sound. The gourd can be molded into different types of instruments, including shakers and, with the addition of a little string, a type of guitar.

The Categories with All the Clues

To begin your search when you are on the crossword solver page, you need to go to the search bar and type in percussion instrument. The next step is to narrow down the more than fifty options that will be revealed.

There are two ways you can do this. The first step is to select the number of letters in the word. You can choose from two or more letters.

The second way you can search is by going through the categories that show up in the similar hints section. For example, here are twenty of the hints that the crossword solver can help you with:

  • Percussion instrument that clangs
  • Chinese percussion instruments
  • Percussion instrument, really
  • Round percussion instruments
  • Group of percussion instruments
  • Large percussion instruments
  • Fake percussion instrument?
  • Percussion instrument in an orchestra?
  • Fold percussion instruments
  • Disk-like percussion instrument
  • Makeshift percussion instruments
  • Marching band percussion instruments
  • Metallic percussion instrument
  • Percussion instrument membrane
  • Set of large percussion instruments
  • Wooden stick used as a percussion instrument
  • Elementary school percussion instrument
  • Jug band percussion instrument
  • Primitive percussion instrument
  • Percussion instrument owned by a New York newspaper

and many more…

Some of the Instruments You Will Find

With more than 50 possible percussion instruments, here are some that go beyond the basic drum.

In elementary school, one of the instruments used is the RHYTHM STICK. This is an instrument that consists of a pair of plain or notched wooden sticks. To play them, they are rubbed together or struck and this produces some percussive sounds. You will find this instrument being used by young children more than any other types of players.

There are also instruments that clang together. In a crossword, one of these could be a COWBELL. You may never have thought of it as an instrument, but now you know that it is. In many cases, you might think this would appear as two separate words. In fact, it is one word that has a total of seven letters.

A cowbell can be an instrument too.

For a taste of culture, you may need to find some Indian percussion instruments as well. Right now, there is one main word and that is the TOM-TOM.

Different Types of Instruments

Percussion instruments are vastly diverse and are also incredibly interesting. There are some more traditional instruments that may go unnoticed. BONES, for example, which would typically be struck together as folk percussion instruments.

Then there are percussion instruments that resemble other instruments. Take the piano-like CELESTA for example. The puzzles you may need to solve in some cases have clues that refer to pop culture too. For example, POT is the response for a clue on a percussion instrument in Off Broadway’s “Stomp”.

Percussion Instruments You Never Heard Of

These examples are pretty simple right? Well before you get all comfortable and excited, there are some instruments you may have never heard of.

These ones come with complex names and sometimes they are more than ten letters long – a VICWORKSXYLOPHONE for example. This is a gimmicky answer, as it is a combination of the musical instrument (Xylophone), and what a person (Vic Damone) does to the instrument.

Very Long Percussion Instruments in Your Crossword Puzzle

There are other percussion instruments that are incredibly long, such as the 22-letter-long QUADRANGULARISREERSUM.
This is actually a two-word percussion instrument that was developed by a carpenter named Harry Partch. It is made up of a large number of wooden pieces which, when struck, produce different sounds.

This is a Quadrangularis Reversum.

The Crossword Solver does the hard work for you, so you do not spend ages trying to suss out gimmicks like this.

Crossword puzzles are incredibly enjoyable, as long as you know how to go about them. Making the most of potential clues is the key to ensuring that you are successful in completing them. Simply enter the clue, press enter, and you’re well on your way to completing that challenging crossword. You’ll be the crossword guru. Additionally, you’ll learn a lot more about percussion instruments and a little about their culture (if you are the curious type).

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