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crossword clue sluggishly

Learn All the Answers for the Crossword Clue Sluggishly

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Solving crosswords is more like hitting the gym. You’ve got to be consistent and feel the burn before you see results. After all, there’s no gain without pain. Every now and then, you’ll come across crossword clues that will stump you. Take for instance the crossword clue SLUGGISHLY. You probably know what the word means, but for some reason, you cannot think of an answer that fits the spaces provided. It happens. So don’t beat yourself up over it.

Luckily for you, it is possible to gain insight into the crossword clue ‘sluggishly’ in our Crossword Solver right here! Go on. Take a peak. It’s way better than giving up on the puzzle. See to it that your vocabulary continues to grow.

Avoid Sluggish Progress with These Answers

Sluggishly is an adverb used to describe an action done in a lethargic or slow manner. It’s derived from the verb sluggish, whose synonyms include tardy, lagging, slow, and lounging. Often the term conjures images of a snail or slug; mollusks are insanely slow.

sluggish snail
A snail is very slowly or sluggishly.

When presented with ‘sluggishly’ as a crossword clue, there are several possible answers you can give. Of course, the answer you choose will depend on the length of the space provided and the other answers overlapping the space offered. It helps to know all of the possible answers. So here you go.

The Shortest Answer for the Clue: Dully

The shortest answer to this crossword puzzle clue is DULLY. It’s only 5 letters long. Like sluggishly, it’s an adverb that means doing things lacking excitement, verve, or spirit. It’s basically doing things in a lackluster manner. Dully is the adverb form of the adjective DULL.

Dull as an adjective was used back in the 12th century to mean dense and stupid. In the early 18th century, however, its use evolved to mean blunt and not sharp.

Dull is derived from the word DOL, an Old English word that means stupid or slow-witted. Be careful not to confuse the word ‘dully’ with ‘duly’. Though both are adverbs, they have different meanings.

DULY means to follow proper arrangement or procedure; in accordance with what is appropriate. Its synonyms are properly, rightly, fitting, and suitably.

Duly evolved from the 14th-century word duweliche, which means properly. Its use was at the peak in the mid-1600, but has since experienced a drop in use.

One 6-Letter Word for Sluggishly: Lazily

The word LAZILY probably needs no introduction, but we’ll introduce it either way. It’s one of the answers when you’re provided with space for a 6-letter word. The alternative word is SLOWLY – but we’ll get to this word next.

Here are some fun facts about the word lazy (the adjective form lazily)

First, lazy has a negative connotation. It is often used to refer to an individual who does not like to work hard or be active. When someone says you are lazy, they are basically saying you don’t like pulling your own weight. It can also mean moving slowly though.

The earliest use of the word lazy is traced back to 1549. It was used as an adjective during these times. Its use as a verb began in 1612. Clearly, English is a constantly evolving language with a rich history.

Slowly – Do Something in a Gradual Way

When you see space for six letters, for the clue sluggishly, SLOWLY is a possible answer. Again, this is an adverb. Its synonyms are gradually and heavily. Though it essentially means the same thing as the others, there are some notable differences.

Slowly means to do something or something happening in a gradual way, but eventually achieving some definite results.

To Carry Out a Task in an Informal Manner

CASUALLY is the adverb form of the word casual. It means to carry out a task in an informal and relaxed manner. It also means lacking permanence or commitment.
Its earliest use is traced back to the 14th century as an adjective.

Get Your Answer with 9 Letters: Leisurely

When space is sufficient for a 9-letter word, LEISURELY is it. The adverb refers to the act of doing things in an unhurried manner. It gives the notion of being calm.

Speeding Things up with More Clues

Awesome, now you are wiser. You can solve that crossword puzzle a little faster. Congratulations!

But wait. Before we bring this to a close, there’s something else you need to note.
Often, the crossword clue “sluggishly” is coupled with two words; flow and burn. So when you come across the clues “burn sluggishly” and “flow sluggishly”, you need to think a little differently.

Think of how the adverb explains the preceding verb. That’s where the trick lies. But hey, we are here to fill you in on the possible answers right? So here are the answers to similar hints.

Let’s start with the answers to the crossword clue BURN SLUGGISHLY.


There is only one answer possible. It is the verb SMOLDER.

  • Basically, it’s a fire that’s just about to start, but hasn’t started yet. The object is very hot and there is probably some stream of thick smoke emanating from the object. Note that the object hasn’t burst into flames yet, but it might at any time.
  • Smolder can also refer to repressed feelings like anger and indignation.

The word smolder is related to smolen (a Middle Dutch word), Smelen (a Low German word) and smoel (a Flemish word).

The first use of the word to mean ‘burn without a flame’ was recorded in the early 1520s. It fell through the cracks and was forgotten in 17c only to be picked up again in 19c.

A fire that’s just about to start.


Remember the idea is to relate the verb to the adverb “sluggishly”. In this case, you have to think of fluids flowing slowly. What word would you use to describe this kind of flow? Leisurely, lazily, and slowly wouldn’t cut it, even though they describe the movement of the fluids. The perfect word is OOZE.

It goes without saying that ooze refers to the sluggish flow of fluid. Its synonyms include trickle, leak, drip, and seep. Often the adverb is used to describe the flow of sap from a plant or a tree. It’s also used to describe the flow of blood or pus from a wound. Generally, any thick and sticky fluid that flows will be described with this word. And usually, the flowing liquid is in small quantities.

ooze fluid
Fluids flowing slowly: they ooze.

Understanding is Helpful for Remembering the Answers

Crossword puzzles are fun, especially since they challenge you to learn new words. They could be a bore if you get stuck on one clue for long though. That’s why we have decided to present you with answers to some of these challenging crossword clues.

And here’s the thing. We find that having an in-depth understanding of the word makes it easier to remember the answers to the clues you come across. So carry on leisurely filling in your daily crossword puzzle and increase your vocabulary.

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