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Answer TAB – Crossword Puzzle Solver

thing on the top of a canTAB 3
'80s diet cola brandTAB 3
examinationTAB 3
14-Down alternativeTAB 3
LabelTAB 3
"Check"TAB 3
PC keyTAB 3
"Caps lock" neighborTAB 3
"Thou shalt not ___"TAB 3
"Can" opener?TAB 3
"___ Hunter"TAB 3
Pop topTAB 3
Keyboard key (and word that can be found in 17-, 26-, 32-, 42-, 49-, and 58-Across)TAB 3
Something that might be kept open at a bar or on a computerTAB 3
Once-popular diet soft drink, or part of the canTAB 3
You receive it for free in every restaurantTAB 3
Computer key with opposed arrowsTAB 3
Game played with unmentionables?TAB 3
Grasshoppers and stingers may be on itTAB 3
Guitar transcription system, brieflyTAB 3
It's often picked up after dinner with 3 letters
It's often picked up after dinnerTAB 3
It's usually closed before leavingTAB 3
Key on the far left of a keyboardTAB 3
One may be kept running in a barTAB 3
One might pick it up after dinnerTAB 3
Setting that makes things right?TAB 3
Yours may be picked up, if you're luckyTAB 3
A bar owner might run oneTAB 3
A drinker may run one upTAB 3
Certain lighter or highlighterTAB 3
Hunter on the big screenTAB 3
It can be painful to pick upTAB 3
Item that's often picked upTAB 3
It may be clicked on a computerTAB 3
It may be used to track shotsTAB 3
It might be picked up at a barTAB 3
It might be run at a barTAB 3
It's run up and then settledTAB 3
It's settled when settling upTAB 3
Key that helps you move in?TAB 3
License-plate attachmentTAB 3
Looseleaf divider featureTAB 3
One may be picked up at a barTAB 3
Paper doll's dress featureTAB 3
Projecting edge on a folderTAB 3
Q's neighbor on a keyboardTAB 3
Reckoning at a restaurantTAB 3
Running account at a barTAB 3
Someone has to pick it upTAB 3
Something to put a drink onTAB 3

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