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Answer SST – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Certain plane: Abbr.SST 3
Kind of plane: Abbr.SST 3
Retired flyer: Abbr.SST 3
Visitor to J.F.K.SST 3
Lander at Dulles, onceSST 3
Lander at Orly, onceSST 3
Label for Opal and Hüsker DüSST 3
Sight at DullesSST 3
Old label for Sonic YouthSST 3
Fast flyer to J.F.K., onceSST 3
Lander at J.F.K., onceSST 3
Speedy jet to J.F.K.SST 3
Fast flyer to JFKSST 3
Former jet to JFKSST 3
June '03 Smithsonian acquisitionSST 3
Scrapped Boeing plane of the '70sSST 3
Scrapped Boeing project, brieflySST 3
Russia's Tu-144, for oneSST 3
Canceled Boeing boomerSST 3
Dinosaur Jr. labelSST 3
Scrapped Boeing project with 3 letters
Scrapped Boeing projectSST 3
Fleet craft: Abbr.SST 3
It flew near Mach 2SST 3
Jet like the ConcordeSST 3
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum exhibit, for shortSST 3
One-time Air France planeSST 3
Grounded JFK jetSST 3
One-time JFK flierSST 3
One-time JFK landerSST 3
Onetime JFK jetSST 3
Retired JFK jetSST 3
Speedster at JFK, onceSST 3
Sight at JFKSST 3
Tupolev Tu-144 was the first oneSST 3
Tupolev Tu-144, for shortSST 3
Onetime Heathrow sight: Abbr.SST 3
Onetime Heathrow landerSST 3
Retired Atl. crosserSST 3
Retired Mach 2 breakerSST 3
Tupolev Tu-144, e.g.SST 3
Concorde or TupolevSST 3
Fast plane: Abbr.SST 3
Streaker to HeathrowSST 3
Onetime Air France flierSST 3
Fast way to J.F.K.SST 3
Onetime JFK arrivalSST 3
Onetime JFK landerSST 3
Onetime JFK visitorSST 3
Former Atlantic crosser (and what's spanning two words in the answers to this puzzle's starred clues)SST 3
Speedy Atlantic crosser, onceSST 3

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