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Answer SST – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Retired flier, for shortSST 3
Retired flier since 2003SST 3
Retired sonic boom producerSST 3
Retired transatlantic speedsterSST 3
Runway model with a pointy noseSST 3
Sound-barrier breaker of yoreSST 3
Speed-of-sound breaker, brieflySST 3
Stratosphere streaker, onceSST 3
Streak in the sky, for shortSST 3
Time-saving means of travelSST 3
Transatlantic flier, for shortSST 3
Travel option for about 30 yrs.SST 3
Ultrafast jet, for shortSST 3
Whisker with an adjustable noseSST 3
Punk rock label started by Black FlagSST 3
Plane with a machmeter: Abbr.SST 3
Craft that once landed at HeathrowSST 3
Quick traveler across the Atl., onceSST 3
Seminal punk label founded by Black FlagSST 3
Former transatlantic plane: Abbr.SST 3
Record label started by Black Flag with 3 letters
Record label started by Black FlagSST 3
Record label started by Black Flag's Greg GinnSST 3
Aerospatiale productSST 3
Air transport lettersSST 3
Atlantic crosser of oldSST 3
Atl. crosser, onceSST 3
Atl. crosser until 2003SST 3
Aviation acronymSST 3
Barrier-breaking jetSST 3
Beak-nosed planeSST 3
Big and fast jetSST 3
Boeing 2707, e.g.SST 3
Boom cause, onceSST 3
Boomer for 35 yearsSST 3
Booming jet's lettersSST 3
Boom maker, onceSST 3
Bygone air inits.SST 3
Bygone barrier busterSST 3
Bygone fleet memberSST 3
Bygone flier, for shortSST 3
Bygone speedsterSST 3
Bygone travel optionSST 3
Champagne-flight jetSST 3
Concorde for ex.SST 3
Concorde, for exampleSST 3
Concorde, for oneSST 3
Concorde, in briefSST 3
Concorde lettersSST 3
Concorde, notablySST 3
Concorde's inits.SST 3

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