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Answer SST – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Barrier-breaking craft, brieflySST 3
Bird that no longer fliesSST 3
Boomer that's now retiredSST 3
Bygone aircraft, brieflySST 3
Bygone fast flier, brieflySST 3
Bygone fast jet, brieflySST 3
Certain retired craft, brieflySST 3
Champagne-flight flier no moreSST 3
Concorde, e.g., for shortSST 3
Descriptive aircraft lettersSST 3
Fast air freighter, for short.SST 3
Fast but expensive transportSST 3
Fast flier, formerly (abbr.)SST 3
Fleet member retired in '03SST 3
Flight has-been, brieflySST 3
Flightless bird, nowadays?SST 3
Former fast flier, for shortSST 3
Former fast jet, for shortSST 3
Former flier at 55,000 feetSST 3
Former shock wave creatorSST 3
Grounded "bird" since 2003 with 3 letters
Grounded "bird" since 2003SST 3
Grounded boomer, brieflySST 3
Grounded commercial flierSST 3
Grounded speed-of-sound breakerSST 3
Grounded speedster (abbr.)SST 3
Historic barrier breakerSST 3
Inactive transporter, brieflySST 3
Influential '80s hardcore labelSST 3
International airport landerSST 3
It has an adjustable noseSST 3
Its last trip was in 2003SST 3
Jet decommissioned in '03SST 3
Jet that last flew in 2003SST 3
Jet that was retired in 2003SST 3
Jet with an adjustable noseSST 3
Letters denoting speedy jetSST 3
Long-nosed flier, for shortSST 3
Old jet set jet, brieflySST 3
Onetime sonic boom makerSST 3
One-time stratospheric streakerSST 3
One with delta wings, brieflySST 3
Orly plane, once (briefly)SST 3
Plane that had a delta wingSST 3
Plane that no longer fliesSST 3
Plane with a tipped noseSST 3
Pond-crossing option, onceSST 3
Public transport since '76SST 3
Really fast plane, for shortSST 3
Retired boomer, for shortSST 3
Retired fast plane (abbr.)SST 3

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