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Answer SLAP – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ shot, in hockeySLAP 4
"__ me five!"SLAP 4
___ shotSLAP 4
percussSLAP 4
"Dig?"SLAP 4
SpankSLAP 4
WhompSLAP 4
["You chauvinist pig!"]SLAP 4
RebuffSLAP 4
RebukeSLAP 4
"How dare you!" accompanierSLAP 4
"Stick" or "dash" leaderSLAP 4
"Don't do that!"SLAP 4
"Fresh!" follow-upSLAP 4
[How dare you?!]SLAP 4
"Smack!"SLAP 4
"Strike ___!"SLAP 4
[You brute!]SLAP 4
[You cad!]SLAP 4
"___ Shot" (1977 Paul Newman film)SLAP 4
Affront with 4 letters
AffrontSLAP 4
CensureSLAP 4
Insult?SLAP 4
"Kiss With a Fist" lyric "You gave a kick, I gave a ___"SLAP 4
"___ Shot," Newman filmSLAP 4
Mild punishment, when applied to the wristSLAP 4
Response on the cheek to cheekiness, perhapsSLAP 4
Action to a newborn baby's bottomSLAP 4
Challenge to a duel (using a glove)SLAP 4
Doctor's action to a newborn's bottomSLAP 4
Harsh welcome into the new world?SLAP 4
It may bring one back to one's sensesSLAP 4
Painful indication of indignationSLAP 4
Payback for a lewd remark, perhapsSLAP 4
Possible response to a grabby boyfriendSLAP 4
Reaction to a fresh comment, perhapsSLAP 4
Reaction to a fresh idea, perhapsSLAP 4
Reaction to a fresh suggestion, perhapsSLAP 4
Reaction to a fresh thought, perhapsSLAP 4
Reaction to an offensive line, perhapsSLAP 4
Response to a pick-up line, perhapsSLAP 4
Response to a pickup line, perhapsSLAP 4
Retaliation for a pinch, perhapsSLAP 4
Sound of a mop hitting the floorSLAP 4
What a cheeky one's cheek might getSLAP 4
Affix carelessly, with "on"SLAP 4
Apply, in a way (with ''on'')SLAP 4
Blow used to rebuff a passSLAP 4
Carelessly affix (with "on")SLAP 4

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