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One was asked "How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?"OWL 3
Bird seen with Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of deathOWL 3
Boobook of AustraliaOWL 3
Bird sacred to AthenaOWL 3
Wise friend of PoohOWL 3
X, in the Neighborhood of Make-BelieveOWL 3
Bird that's a Masonic symbolOWL 3
Emblem of MinervaOWL 3
Symbol of AthenaOWL 3
Symbol of MinervaOWL 3
Friend of Tigger and EeyoreOWL 3
Bird for MinervaOWL 3
Deliverer of Hogwarts air mailOWL 3
Keats's "Gloombird"OWL 3
Potter's Hedwig, e.g.OWL 3
Athlete from TempleOWL 3
Attendant of AthenaOWL 3
Avian pal of EeyoreOWL 3
Bird of MinervaOWL 3
Friend of 15-AcrossOWL 3
Parent of 53-Across with 3 letters
Parent of 53-AcrossOWL 3
Symbol of 25-AcrossOWL 3
Inspired The Who's name?OWL 3
Tootsie Pop ad creatureOWL 3
A friend of PoohOWL 3
Pet for Harry PotterOWL 3
Hundred Acre Wood residentOWL 3
Friend of PoohOWL 3
Temple University athleteOWL 3
Temple University playerOWL 3
One of Pooh's palsOWL 3
Temple U. mascotOWL 3
Temple U. symbolOWL 3
Pal of Pooh and PigletOWL 3
Mister Rogers's X, for oneOWL 3
See 36-AcrossOWL 3
Harry Potter's messengerOWL 3
Harry Potter's messenger bird Hedwig, e.g.OWL 3
Harry Potter petOWL 3
Harry Potter's pet Hedwig, e.g.OWL 3
See 8-DownOWL 3
Harry Potter's Hedweg, for oneOWL 3
Harry Potter's Hedwig, e.g.OWL 3
Harry Potter's Hedwig, for oneOWL 3
Bill Cosby, in collegeOWL 3
Pooh Corner birdOWL 3
Rice University mascotOWL 3
Rice University playerOWL 3
What Hoots is, on "Sesame Street"OWL 3
Adam Young band ___ CityOWL 3

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