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Answer OWL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

''The ___ and the Pussycat''OWL 3
RaptorOWL 3
"Tu-whit tu-whoo" callerOWL 3
"Whoo ... whoo ..." callerOWL 3
"Hooty," e.g.OWL 3
"Horned" flyerOWL 3
"Whoo" callerOWL 3
"Wise" birdOWL 3
"Wise" hooterOWL 3
"Wise" oneOWL 3
Hooter?OWL 3
"The House at Pooh Corner" birdOWL 3
Catching one in a dream means you should be wary of bad company, supposedlyOWL 3
Bird that can turn its head 135 degrees in both directionsOWL 3
Hooter that may be found nesting in any of eight spots hereinOWL 3
Animal who took three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie PopOWL 3
Hooter hiding in five answers of this puzzleOWL 3
Predator capable of 270-degree head rotationOWL 3
Predator with a 270-degree head rotationOWL 3
Night ___ (person who stays up late)OWL 3
Pussycat's pal or a feathered friend with 3 letters
Pussycat's pal or a feathered friendOWL 3
Hieroglyphic symbol for the ancient Egyptian "M"OWL 3
Athena's feathered friendOWL 3
Bird that's sometimes spottedOWL 3
Bird with binocular visionOWL 3
Creature said to be wiseOWL 3
Hogwarts message carrierOWL 3
Hooters restaurant emblemOWL 3
Hunter that gives a hootOWL 3
It may be snowy or spottedOWL 3
It may be spotted in a treeOWL 3
It may be spotted in the forestOWL 3
It may whoop it up at nightOWL 3
It prefers the night lifeOWL 3
It prefers the nightlife?OWL 3
One likely to give a hootOWL 3
Pea-green boat passengerOWL 3
Pussycat's companion, in verseOWL 3
Pussycat's poetic partnerOWL 3
Pussycat's seafaring partnerOWL 3
Screech or hoot followerOWL 3
Something "spotted" in a treeOWL 3
Word after screech or hootOWL 3
Mail-carrying creature of HogwartsOWL 3
A real fly-by-nightOWL 3
Athena's attendantOWL 3
Big-eyed barn birdOWL 3
Big-eyed scavengerOWL 3
Bird that gives a hootOWL 3
Bird with ear tuftsOWL 3

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