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Nerve-racking exam, for someORAL 4
Nerve-racking test, for someORAL 4
Nerve-wracking exam, for someORAL 4
Not intravenous, as a drugORAL 4
Not-so-optimal record dealORAL 4
One beginning to history?ORAL 4
Passed along by storytellersORAL 4
Passed on by taletellersORAL 4
Singing is this type of talentORAL 4
Slanderous, by definitionORAL 4
Spoken aloud; not writtenORAL 4
Taken by mouth, as medicationORAL 4
Test before a panel, oftenORAL 4
Test that's hard to cheat onORAL 4
Type of dental school exam?ORAL 4
Type of history or testimonyORAL 4
Type of history or traditionORAL 4
Type of history or vaccineORAL 4
Type of hygiene or historyORAL 4
Type of surgeon or historianORAL 4
Unwritten, as a contract with 4 letters
Unwritten, as a contractORAL 4
Unwritten, like a contractORAL 4
Word before hygiene or examORAL 4
Word before sex or fixationORAL 4
Word with history or examORAL 4
Word with history or surgeryORAL 4
Word with history or traditionORAL 4
Word with hygiene or examORAL 4
Word with surgery or historyORAL 4
It may precede sex or surgery (Tribute #4)ORAL 4
Like a childhood stage, to FreudORAL 4
Roberts with a university in TulsaORAL 4
Administered by mouthORAL 4
Administered by spoonORAL 4
Adult subcategoryORAL 4
A kind of examinationORAL 4
Aloud, as a songORAL 4
Antithesis of writtenORAL 4
___-B: dental care brandORAL 4
___-B (toothbrush brand)ORAL 4
By spoken word of mouthORAL 4
By word of mouthORAL 4
Certain fixationORAL 4
Challenging examORAL 4
College exam typeORAL 4
Daunting type of examORAL 4
Degree candidate's examORAL 4
Delivered viva voceORAL 4
Dental school exam?ORAL 4
Doctoral examinationORAL 4

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