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Answer ORAL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Administered with a spoonORAL 4
Administered with a spoon, sayORAL 4
Agreement band shouldn't makeORAL 4
Deal band shouldn't makeORAL 4
Degree candidate's exam typeORAL 4
Degree candidate's hurdleORAL 4
Dentist's kind of surgeryORAL 4
Doctoral candidate's examORAL 4
Doctorate seeker's hurdleORAL 4
Exam for an advanced degreeORAL 4
Exam judged by a committeeORAL 4
Exam that's hard to cheat onORAL 4
Exam without a blue bookORAL 4
Expressed by word of mouthORAL 4
Face-to-face type of examORAL 4
First name among evangelistsORAL 4
Grad student's challengeORAL 4
Graduate school challengeORAL 4
Handed down by word of mouthORAL 4
History or hygiene lead-inORAL 4
History or hygiene preceder with 4 letters
History or hygiene precederORAL 4
It's not quite all the wayORAL 4
Kind of history or hygieneORAL 4
Kind of history or pathologyORAL 4
Kind of hygiene or historyORAL 4
Kind of hygiene or surgeryORAL 4
Kind of report or surgeonORAL 4
Kind of surgeon or historianORAL 4
Like a gentellman's agreementORAL 4
Like a gentleman's agreementORAL 4
Like a gentlemen's agreementORAL 4
Like an exam sans pencilsORAL 4
Like certain communicationsORAL 4
Like courtroom argumentsORAL 4
Like courtroom testimonyORAL 4
Like gentlemen's agreementsORAL 4
Like illegal charades cluesORAL 4
Like many a thesis defenseORAL 4
Like much family historyORAL 4
Like some advanced examsORAL 4
Like some ancient historyORAL 4
Like some contraceptivesORAL 4
Like some court argumentsORAL 4
Like some exams or some historyORAL 4
Like some graduate testsORAL 4
Like some post-grad examsORAL 4
Like some vaccines and examsORAL 4
Like traditional epic poetryORAL 4
Master's hurdle, perhapsORAL 4
More than just thought-overORAL 4

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