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Answer OPERA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Word with "light" or "horse"OPERA 5
Word with light or spaceOPERA 5
Word with "soap" or "grand"OPERA 5
Works in the music businessOPERA 5
It "sounds like a bunch of Italian chefs screaming risotto recipes at each other," according to Aristotle OnassisOPERA 5
Each of this puzzle's long Across answers sounds like oneOPERA 5
Metropolitan __ (part of Lincoln Center)OPERA 5
Something to see at the MetOPERA 5
Musical work featuring 3-DownOPERA 5
An aria is a part of itOPERA 5
An aria is part of itOPERA 5
Bayreuth productionOPERA 5
Beethoven made oneOPERA 5
Beethoven wrote oneOPERA 5
Beggar's, for oneOPERA 5
Bouffe or comiqueOPERA 5
Bouffe or comique startOPERA 5
Britten creationOPERA 5
Butterfly locale?OPERA 5
Certain phantom's hauntOPERA 5
Certain singer's site with 5 letters
Certain singer's siteOPERA 5
Charpentier creationOPERA 5
Cherubini productOPERA 5
Comic or horse followerOPERA 5
Comic work, perhapsOPERA 5
Composer's worksOPERA 5
Concert performanceOPERA 5
Domingo's domainOPERA 5
Donizetti offeringOPERA 5
Donizetti specialtyOPERA 5
Drama set to musicOPERA 5
Dramatic musical workOPERA 5
Drama with divasOPERA 5
Drama with musicOPERA 5
Entertainment form.OPERA 5
Falstaff e.g.OPERA 5
Firefox alternativeOPERA 5
Flagstad's fieldOPERA 5
Focus of some buffsOPERA 5
Gig for a sopranoOPERA 5
Gluck composition, e.g.OPERA 5
Gounod productionOPERA 5
Grand or light workOPERA 5
Highbrow musical formOPERA 5
High-culture workOPERA 5
Horse or light followerOPERA 5
Horse or soap followerOPERA 5
Horse ___ (western)OPERA 5
It's got a librettoOPERA 5
It's sometimes grandOPERA 5

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