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Answer OPERA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Workplace where there are many openingsOPERA 5
Musical work that's often not in EnglishOPERA 5
Beethoven wrote just oneOPERA 5
Beethoven wrote only oneOPERA 5
Broadway phantom's hauntOPERA 5
Certain company's concernOPERA 5
Concern of an impresarioOPERA 5
Concert hall presentationOPERA 5
Event to watch with binocularsOPERA 5
Event where you might get a boxOPERA 5
Haunt of a certain phantomOPERA 5
Highbrow musical entertainmentOPERA 5
House where some wear glassesOPERA 5
Impresario's presentationOPERA 5
Impresario's show, perhapsOPERA 5
It literally means "works"OPERA 5
It may be light or grandOPERA 5
It may be seria or buffaOPERA 5
It might end on a high noteOPERA 5
Kind of house or glassesOPERA 5
Literally, ''works''. . . with 5 letters
Literally, ''works''. . .OPERA 5
Musical melodrama, oftenOPERA 5
Music with singing sopranosOPERA 5
Oft-subtitled performanceOPERA 5
One may be seen from a boxOPERA 5
One may be seen with glassesOPERA 5
Passion of a noted phantomOPERA 5
Place to see tall headgearOPERA 5
Place to take your glassesOPERA 5
Seria or comique precederOPERA 5
Show with a spear-carrierOPERA 5
Spear-carrier's performanceOPERA 5
Threepenny entertainment?OPERA 5
Type of house or glassesOPERA 5
What the fat lady sings?OPERA 5
Where glasses may be raised?OPERA 5
Where some divas get a hearing?OPERA 5
Where the fat lady singsOPERA 5
Where to shout to a divaOPERA 5
Where you might want glassesOPERA 5
Word after grand or soapOPERA 5
Word after horse or soapOPERA 5
Word after soap or horseOPERA 5
Word after soap or spaceOPERA 5
Word after space or soapOPERA 5
Word before glass or hatOPERA 5
Word before hat or glassesOPERA 5
Word with "glasses" or "buff"OPERA 5
Word with glass or houseOPERA 5
Word with grand or lightOPERA 5

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