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Answer ONE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"A Chorus Line" standardONE 3
"A Chorus Line" closerONE 3
"A Chorus Line" finaleONE 3
"A Chorus Line" hitONE 3
"___ O'Clock Jump," 1938 songONE 3
"OK, first of all"ONE 3
BBC ___ONE 3
Distance forward in the alphabet that each changed letter in the theme entries has movedONE 3
Number of protons by which the elements in the four longest puzzle answers have been enhancedONE 3
Number of states whose last two letters are its own postal abbreviationONE 3
Number at the heart of seven other answers in this puzzleONE 3
Only positive integer that's neither prime nor compositeONE 3
Pretty much out of fuel, according to the gas gaugeONE 3
Word before a lot of shouting and kissing, this Friday nightONE 3
Any nonzero number raised to the zeroth powerONE 3
Any positive integer to the zeroth powerONE 3
Bill that might be broken for video gamesONE 3
Derivative with respect to "x" in f(x) = x 10ONE 3
Difference between a baker's dozen and a dozenONE 3
Divided by itself, the result is the sameONE 3
First number dialed when calling long distance with 3 letters
First number dialed when calling long distanceONE 3
It's dialed before a long-distance numberONE 3
Number of hits that ruins a perfect gameONE 3
Number whose square equals its square rootONE 3
Numerator for this puzzle's theme answersONE 3
Pepsi brand that's also its calorie countONE 3
Sharer of an exclamation point on a keyboardONE 3
Snake eye (as this completed puzzle depicts)ONE 3
Where the needle is when the gas light is litONE 3
Word before and after "by," "on," or "to"ONE 3
Word repeated in "takes ___ to know ___"ONE 3
Word that appears eight times on a dollar billONE 3
___ Campaign (poverty-fighting organization started by Bono)ONE 3
Any nonzero number divided by itselfONE 3
Any nonzero number times its reciprocalONE 3
Bill that's quite easy to changeONE 3
Calorie count of some diet drinksONE 3
Capital ___ (credit card company)ONE 3
Countdown's penultimate number, perhapsONE 3
Count near the end of a countdownONE 3
Fifth single digit, alphabeticallyONE 3
First digit a toddler is taught, oftenONE 3
Framed bill in a restaurant, perhapsONE 3
Impossible number in a football scoreONE 3
It equals itself to the 100th powerONE 3
It might be broken into quartersONE 3
It's a little better than nothingONE 3
It's its own multiplicative inverseONE 3
Like a gas gauge just before a fill-up?ONE 3
Long-distance dialing requirementONE 3

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