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Answer ONE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Number of Super Bowls Brett Favre wonONE 3
Numerical Three Dog Night smashONE 3
E's value, in ScrabbleONE 3
Ferber's "___ Basket"ONE 3
White bill in MonopolyONE 3
Brando's "The Wild ___"ONE 3
Part of a New Year's Eve countdownONE 3
Last word of "A Christmas Carol"ONE 3
Tangent of 45ºONE 3
Value of any Scrabble tile in the word "ordinates"ONE 3
With 125-Across, words before customerONE 3
Brady's "Paris ___": 1976ONE 3
Coveted "Billboard" positionONE 3
With 100-Down, quick jokesONE 3
With 105-Down, a short playONE 3
Hit 1992 U2 "single"ONE 3
Orleans "Still the ___"ONE 3
What 119 Across meansONE 3
Word before "Happy new year!"?ONE 3
Performed by Metallica at '89 GrammysONE 3
With 122-Down, like a Cyclops with 3 letters
With 122-Down, like a CyclopsONE 3
Queen's "Another ___ Bites the Dust"ONE 3
It precedes "Blastoff!"ONE 3
Word before "Blastoff!"ONE 3
Word before "Liftoff!"ONE 3
Value of the J tile in Croatian ScrabbleONE 3
Last word of Lennon's "Imagine"ONE 3
Hit from U2's "Achtung Baby" albumONE 3
Singular Bee Gees song?ONE 3
Waugh's "The Loved ___"ONE 3
Number that "Sesame Street" was not "brought to you by" for many yearsONE 3
Song in "A Chorus Line"ONE 3
With 27-Down, a game similar to baseballONE 3
With 12-Down, sign with an arrowONE 3
With 27-Across, combination punchONE 3
With 39-Across, soapbox racer, e.g.ONE 3
With 41-Down, quaint sandlot gameONE 3
With 51-Down, a common tennis scoreONE 3
With 64-Across, words on an arrowONE 3
With 84 Down, a competitive urgeONE 3
With 94-Across, gets the better ofONE 3
Jackson Pollock masterpiece in the MoMAONE 3
Maître d's "Are you by yourself?"ONE 3
With 10-Down, certain punchONE 3
With 30-Down, combination punchONE 3
With 31-Across, some clubsONE 3
With 32-Across, a ball gameONE 3
With 34-Down, kayo combinationONE 3
With 36-Across, minimal changeONE 3
With 39-Down, a boxing comboONE 3

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