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City southwest of MidlandODESSA 6
Ukrainian port on the Black SeaODESSA 6
German victory site, October 1941ODESSA 6
Title city of a Forsyth thrillerODESSA 6
Texas city named by Russian immigrantsODESSA 6
City founded by Catherine the GreatODESSA 6
City nicknamed "Pearl of the Black Sea"ODESSA 6
County seat in west TexasODESSA 6
Seaport of southern UkraineODESSA 6
Texas city named by RussiansODESSA 6
Ukraine port on the Black SeaODESSA 6
Seaport south of KievODESSA 6
File name?ODESSA 6
Potemkin's portODESSA 6
Russian portODESSA 6
Soviet cityODESSA 6
Soviet seaportODESSA 6
Texas cityODESSA 6
Texas oil cityODESSA 6
Texas oil townODESSA 6
Texas town with 6 letters
Texas townODESSA 6
Tex. cityODESSA 6
Ukraine cityODESSA 6
Ukraine portODESSA 6
Ukrainian bayODESSA 6
Ukrainian cityODESSA 6
Ukrainian hubODESSA 6
Ukrainian portODESSA 6
Ukranian portODESSA 6
Battleship Potemkin mutiny settingODESSA 6
City where Pushkin lived in the 1820sODESSA 6
Ukraine or Texas cityODESSA 6
Forsyth's "The ___ File"ODESSA 6
City in TexasODESSA 6
Texas city in "Friday Night Lights"ODESSA 6
Seaport on the Black SeaODESSA 6
Sight from the Black SeaODESSA 6
Where did Trotsky grow upODESSA 6
Name of a Forsyth fileODESSA 6
City near Midland, TexasODESSA 6
Ukrainian Black Sea portODESSA 6
City near Midland, Tex.ODESSA 6
Major port of UkraineODESSA 6
Birthplace of Yakov SmirnoffODESSA 6
Potemkin Steps cityODESSA 6
Texas or Ukraine cityODESSA 6
Port for the PotemkinODESSA 6
Port of UkraineODESSA 6
West-central Texas cityODESSA 6
Twin city of Midland, TexasODESSA 6

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