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1905 revolt settingODESSA 6
''The __ File'' (Forsyth novel)ODESSA 6
"Potemkin" mutiny localeODESSA 6
"Potemkin" localeODESSA 6
"Potemkin" mutiny portODESSA 6
"Potemkin" mutiny siteODESSA 6
"Potemkin" settingODESSA 6
"Little ___," 1994 Russian-American film dramaODESSA 6
"Potemkin" portODESSA 6
"The ___ File": ForsythODESSA 6
"The ___ File" (Forsyth thriller)ODESSA 6
"The ___ File" (Frederick Forsyth bestseller)ODESSA 6
"Battleship Potemkin" mutiny localeODESSA 6
"Battleship Potemkin" cityODESSA 6
"Battleship Potemkin" localeODESSA 6
"Battleship Potemkin" settingODESSA 6
"The Battleship Potemkin" localeODESSA 6
"The Battleship Potemkin" settingODESSA 6
"The Battleship Potemkin" portODESSA 6
Ukrainian port whose staircase is a setting for "The Battleship Potemkin"ODESSA 6
Texas city that's the setting for the film "Friday Night Lights" with 6 letters
Texas city that's the setting for the film "Friday Night Lights"ODESSA 6
City not far from the western terminus of I-20ODESSA 6
City that was home to the first car in RussiaODESSA 6
Stalin named it a "hero city" after W.W. IIODESSA 6
Site of a historic 1905 revoltODESSA 6
Site of some well-known stepsODESSA 6
Texas college or its localeODESSA 6
Ukrainian city of one millionODESSA 6
Port city on an arm of the Black SeaODESSA 6
Texas city named for a city in UkraineODESSA 6
Texas city with an annual Shakespeare FestivalODESSA 6
Little ___ (nickname for the Russian neighborhood of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn)ODESSA 6
Texas city named after a Ukraine cityODESSA 6
Texas city named after a Ukrainian cityODESSA 6
Main port for grain from the UkraineODESSA 6
Texas city obsessed with the Permian Panthers in "Friday Night Lights"ODESSA 6
City founded by a decree by Catherine the GreatODESSA 6
City name found in both Texas and UkraineODESSA 6
Potemkin mutiny cityODESSA 6
Potemkin mutiny settingODESSA 6
Saskatchewan townODESSA 6
Texas college townODESSA 6
Texas oil centerODESSA 6
Ukrainian port cityODESSA 6
Ukrainian seaportODESSA 6
City in western TexasODESSA 6
City of western TexasODESSA 6
Oil city of west TexasODESSA 6
Ukranian birthplace of Yakov SmirnoffODESSA 6
Texas town ... or the Ukrainian city for which it was namedODESSA 6

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