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Answer DEA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

21-Across, for oneDEA 3
67-Across employerDEA 3
"Traffic" cop's org.DEA 3
'Traffic' grp.DEA 3
'Traffic' org.DEA 3
"Breaking Bad" law org.DEA 3
DOJ gp.DEA 3
Agcy. that makes lab discoveriesDEA 3
Agency fighting the "war on drugs"DEA 3
Grp. that has agony over ecstasy?DEA 3
Org. monitoring narcotics smugglingDEA 3
Agcy. that publishes the monthly Microgram BulletinDEA 3
Anti-narcotics branch of govt.DEA 3
Bust specialists, for shortDEA 3
Controlled substance org.DEA 3
Employer of some special agentsDEA 3
Govt. narcotics watchdogDEA 3
Gp. known for its big bustsDEA 3
Gp. that cracks down on crackDEA 3
Gp. that may stop traffic?DEA 3
Grp. that does blow jobs? with 3 letters
Grp. that does blow jobs?DEA 3
Grp. that may stop trafficDEA 3
Grp. that raids grow housesDEA 3
Grp. with some crack staffDEA 3
Initials of a crack team?DEA 3
Narc employer, for shortDEA 3
Org. involved in seizuresDEA 3
Org. that catches smugglersDEA 3
Org. that cracks down on crackDEA 3
Org. that might go bust?DEA 3
Org. with a crack staff?DEA 3
Traffic control? (abbr.)DEA 3
Traffic controller, brieflyDEA 3
Trafficker tracking org.DEA 3
Weed eliminator, for short?DEA 3
Bona ___ (goddess also called Fauna)DEA 3
Org. currently headed by Michele LeonhartDEA 3
Traffic group that may stop: Abbr.DEA 3
Anti-narcotic org.DEA 3
Anti-narcotics grp.DEA 3
Anti-narcotics org.DEA 3
Antinarcotics org.DEA 3
Anti-trafficking gp.DEA 3
Anti-trafficking org.DEA 3
Bust makers, for shortDEA 3
Bust-making org.DEA 3
Bust planner, in briefDEA 3
Contra-contraband org.DEA 3
Crack legal org.?DEA 3
Deal-blocking agcy.?DEA 3

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