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I'm the newest one on the team and still in the stage of orientation. Since I am almost done with my Master Studies in British and American Studies I have concentrated on English texts for a start. The topics I write about deal with everything about language, words and letters.

Articles by Kristin Bußmann

Scrabble Twists and Turns Review

There are many Scrabble versions out there, one of the most recent once is Scrabble Twists and Turns. It seems younger, more modern and a bit more creative. Read about our experience with it in this article.

Funny Scrabble Commercials

Funny Scrabble commercials can be found all over the internet, and there are tons of different ones out there. We have looked through some videos for you and have collected a few good ones in this article.

Scrabble in Literature, Movies and on TV

Scrabble is a major part of popular culture, as you can see by its extensive use in literature, movies and TV shows. Sometimes Scrabble is simply used in a scene, other times it actually contributes to the story, and yet again sometimes it even is the story. Find some examples in the article.

beautiful english words

The Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

The English Language includes a lot of words that people find beautiful. These words seem to follow certain characteristics that sort them into certain groups. Some examples will help specify why people find these particular words beautiful.