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I have been playing Scrabble competitively for 25 years; throughout the world using both the TWL and Collins lexicons. I`m an extensive writer on the game both in terms of news and features. I play for Thailand internationally and live in Bangkok since 1985. I was the 1998 Champion of Asia and the Pacific and I am currently writing a book about the quirky life of international Scrabble players featuring a broad spectrum of views about the world's favorite word game.

Articles by gerryc

scrabble player from uk

Young Scrabble Champion Criticizes the Promotion of the Game in UK

This time Gerry Carter met the 2014 World Youth Scrabble Champion: 16-year old Jack Durand from London UK, who criticized the lack of promotion of Scrabble among the youth.

scrabble with gerry carter outrunning in scrabble

Outrunning Your Opponent in Scrabble

In this feature, Gerry Carter tells us something about Scrabble strategies like “leave one in the bag” or “outruning” your opponent. He shows us how this works based on an example playing against Ikekeregor Dennis.

scrabble player pakistani wunderkind

Watch out Nigel – Scrabble Player A-Cubed is Coming for You!

Gerry Carter had the opportunity to speak with Ahmed Abdullah Abbasi, called A-Cubed or AAA. The 26-year-old man is one of the Scrabble wunderkinds coming from Pakistan. Just read more about his path to getting involved in tournaments and his thoughts about Scrabble worldwide.

Learning Scrabble with Gerry Carter

Learning Scrabble with Gerry Carter – About Stems

Gerry Carter, 1998 Scrabble Champion of Asia and the Pacific, tells us some important things about Scrabble stems and learning the longer Scrabble words so you can get in the game.

Gerry Carter Interview with Scrabble Player Lewis Mackay

Playing Scrabble since He was Eight – Lewis Mackay from the UK

By Gerry Carter Lewis Mackay from Cambridge UK is a terrific player with a great attitude. He was runner up to Wellington Jighere of Nigeria in the 2015 WESPAC event in Perth that was regarded by most in the Scrabble community as the World Championship for that year. ”Learn the Short Scrabble Words!” Gerry Carter […]