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Scrabble® Word Finder Instructions

The following instructions explain how our Scrabble® Word Finder works. Scroll below to find the instruction video.


The input field for letters accepts only letters from a to z. Uppercase and lowercase are equally handled. Letters typed in here are likely to appear in the Scrabble® Helper results, but don’t have to. You can type in up to 9 letters here.


You can optionally use the pattern field to match the results to a specific situation on your Scrabble® board. There are several special chars used here. Please, find their meaning in the table below. You can type a pattern with up to 15 chars.



a-zLetter from a to z are marking a field on which a letter was already placed and can’t be changed. Uppercase and lowercase are equally handled by the Scrabble® Cheat. If one or more letters are given, at least one of them is used in each of the results.
. (dot)Use a dot within the Scrabble® Helper’s pattern to mark an empty field without extra bonus points.
2The number 2 marks an empty field with a double letter score.
3The number 3 marks an empty field with a triple letter score.
4The number 4 marks an empty field with a double word score.
5The number 5 marks an empty field with a triple word score.

You can narrow down the length of the words found by the Scrabble® Solver by simply typing as many dots into the pattern field as the words might be long.

Find an even more narrow tutorial on using patterns here.

last pattern

You can choose up to 5 of your last entered patterns by clicking on last pattern below the pattern field. This will open the list and by choosing a recent pattern it will be automatically inserted into the pattern field.

last pattern

Scrabble® Helper Options

There are additional options you can use for your Scrabble® Cheat request.


In accordance with the Scrabbe rules, you can use up to 2 blank tiles for your request. They will be highlighted within the Scrabble® Helper results.

Sorting Scrabble® Words

With the “sort by” option you can choose whether to sort the results by points or by word length. The default is by length.

Scrabble® Word Lists

Currently, you can choose from 2 different word lists or simply combine them. The most commonly used in the English speaking countries are the Tournament-Word-List (TWL), the official list for the USA; Canada and Thailand and the SOWPODS referenced in the other English speaking countries.

additional options

In your result list you can choose + additional options. This is for one thing to highlight double or triple word or letter scores, for another thing to align the words by the pattern in a way that letters that have the same position on the board are directly below each other.


Scrabble® Word Finder Instruction Video

To see all of it in action, you can either try one of our anagram helpers or watch this video we made for the Scrabble® Helper.

Example for a Scrabble® Helper Search

In this request, the letters E and N are already placed on the board with a distance of 2 empty fields. One of them is a double word bonus field marked by the number 4. There are also 3 empty fields before E, but none following N. As you can see in the results. In every word the already placed E or N or both are being used.

BEGAN is using E and N and the bonus field, so it is the best Scrabble® word here.